Blue-Noetic Effect
46 Days ago
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  • bluenoeticeffect
    @503headyspaghetti always open to custom work, and depending on the trades, definitely.
  • 503headyspaghetti
    Do any custom work? Potentially for amazing trades? We're liquidating everything for amazing deals to go to South America in search of ancient civilizations influenced by extra terrestrials haha gave you the shpiel @bluenoeticeffect
  • lilpepperjewelry
    Super nice :)
  • gleamandhope
    Absolutelyin love with your beautiful pictures. Would love to see more posts like this - tag us in future posts. Judging from your presence you may like our heart rings Love to see more 💎
  • gngmachineworks
    Love your page!
  • headyart
  • tr4sh.god
    Love this! x
  • drue86