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Maryna Erdyk


Comment from Maryna Erdyk:

One of the most intense day off. hiking exploring nightout oakland bayarea california

4 Hours ago

Sophie Sinclair


Comment from Sophie Sinclair:

We made it through round 1, now we're on our way to round 2! Today was the best day of my life! 😄 americanidol thenextidol

4 Hours ago

Chardonnai Slack


Comment from Chardonnai Slack:

Was out and couldn't help wanting some naan but talked myself out of it! Line was too long!!! naan cooking food foodie foodies yummy delicious mouthwatering foodblogger foodlover eat goodfood foodlove foodlovers foodoftheday bayarea

4 Hours ago

Renée A. Vargas


Comment from Renée A. Vargas:

Brb, eating my weight in sungold tomatoes and shishito peppers.

5 Hours ago

Samantha Machado


Comment from Samantha Machado:

Today I decided to try something new that was completely out of my comfort zone. Auditions, and just performing in general is always tricky for me because I love performing yet I always have stage fright. So I knew I wanted to do this to get the experience and to get comfortable. I didn't get a pass, but I left smiling super big because I took the first step in something I was always terrified to do only to find out it wasn't as scary as I thought. For that I'm pretty proud 🤘🏼and after I left, I was excited and stoked because all I wanted to do after that was just practice more and more on my craft. I came to do one thing, and that was to finally start to break down the wall I put up for myself when it came to showing one of the things I love to do and commit to it, and for that I think it was a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED🤘🏼🎤☺️😎🖤

5 Hours ago

Kerri Hare


Comment from Kerri Hare:

Today was such a humbling experience auditioning for American Idol. I made new friends and accomplished what i thought was impossible for me. Today was the day that I didnt let fear stop me. This was how the lines looked at about 5:30-6 am

5 Hours ago



Comment from Justin:

Had a blast serving as a field producer (for digital, promotions, and the sales departments) for @abc7newsbayarea 's coverage of the @americanidol auditions at Jack London Square! @gabbygebhardt and I saw a lot of talent. Can't wait to see if any Bay Area and California folks make it to Hollywood. More photos/videos are posted on our Twitter page and ABC7News.com . Thank you, Gabby , for being amazing! IdolOn7 TheNextIdol

5 Hours ago

Kealan Harman


Comment from Kealan Harman:

AT-AT Walkers eastbay oakland starwars georgelucas

5 Hours ago

Paul Scott


Comment from Paul Scott:

And your next American Idol is... Not me cuz I'll be winning in 2019 ⭐💜 americanidol

5 Hours ago

Kel Wetherbee


Comment from Kel Wetherbee:

American Idol auditions today at Jack London. This was one of the 12 that made it through to the next round out of several hundred. highstandards thethingsyouseeinoakland

5 Hours ago

Kitty O 🖤 🏹🖤Христина


Comment from Kitty O 🖤 🏹🖤Христина:

He gets me 🎭 beardoandtheweirdo sundayfunday

6 Hours ago

Anna Krolikowska


Comment from Anna Krolikowska:

A sunset in Oakland, Ca.

6 Hours ago



Comment from Jan:

They're the next american idol and im the crazy stagemom 🙃americanidol openauditons oaklandlove furbabies

6 Hours ago

Jocelyn Wang


Comment from Jocelyn Wang:

*something about letting that mango*

6 Hours ago

mrs. malayayaya aiono


Comment from mrs. malayayaya aiono:

auditioning for American Idol ✔️ off my bucket list! Such an amazing experience! Stay tuned for tomorrow's MALAYAMONDAYS 😊 americanidol auditions

6 Hours ago

moises montgomery


Comment from moises montgomery:

You don't need the world to tell you who you can be. Everything you need is already in you.

6 Hours ago

Justin Hammer-Ng


Comment from Justin Hammer-Ng:

Stop. Hammer time

6 Hours ago