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10 FAKTI PAR MANI #2 1)es esmu bijusi slimnīcā vismaz 5 reizes )mani mīļākie sociālie tīkli ir un instagram 3)es esmu bērnišķīgs cilvēks 😂 4)man ir 7 iesaukas 😂👑 5)kad es izveidoju šk profilu tad mēs ar draudzeni ( @klintucis_10 ) sacensties kurai ir vairāk follow 😶 6)es līdz 017 gada beigām vēlētos sasniegt max 800 follow 😶 es zinu tas ir daudz prasīts 🙈 7)manas mīļākās filmas ir "mēs nopirkām zoodārzu" un "slēpes pa gaisu" 8)man negaršo nutella 9)man sāka apnikt filma "viens pats mājās" 10)man ļoti patīk rakstīt faktus par sevi 😂👑 Rakstiet komentāros ja vēlaties vēl faktus ! Šodien būs vēl bildes jo esmu slima un man noteikti nebūs ko darīt !💜

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Comment from Miranda Schwabauer:

I got a thing done today! Tattoo #2, complete! I love it so much, I'm glad I can look forward to having this on my wrist for the rest of my life. Credit for the handwriting goes to my mother 💙❤🖤💜

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同級生がイベントやります。みなさま砺波へ〜〜 #2.18 @swandive

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玧其錒~ 最近怎麼辣麼Q啊😍😍 太超過了喔😂😂 啊啊啊啊啊~ Suga哥請說一句話吧:「一句話。。」 (Wwwwwwww…………… 那說兩句話:「兩句話……」 閔玧其真的快被你笑死欸😂😂 #閔玧其 #撩妹王ㄟ你 #防彈少年團 #2/13wings外傳 #期待 @sheenaho1115 老師阿~我好想你😭😭

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. . お目汚しすいません😭 . . エンドロール上映会で盛り上がったシーン😂❤️笑 . 誓のキスが ほっぺか口かで盛り上がった✨笑 . . 私達は旦那さんの要望で口に😭笑 私はほっぺがよかった😂笑 . . デブ夫婦のキス写真😭 誰得って感じだけど😂笑 . . #卒花嫁 #卒花 #福岡花嫁 #宮崎花嫁 #laviefactory #photoby_kaoru #weddingphoto #weddingphotography #誓いのキス #海外挙式ではなく #福岡挙式w #さて今からジムに行ってきます🙋 #来月ダイエットイベント企画中 #日時は決まった #詳細が決まり次第 #告知します #今回は花嫁ダイエット部の企画として #2/6開催予定です #もこさんの真似してコソ告知w

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#1st runner-up #beauty contest #2/5 Brigade Inf.Battallion,Borongan,ESamar

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I've been home for going on 3 weeks. Week one: daughter was sick and I stayed home to care for her. Week 2 and a half: I was sick with something that causes mouth sores and made it impossible to eat. I'm 16 weeks pregnant... I hope baby #2 is okay from not being fed like it should be. My mouth is mostly better but now when I eat I get nauseous.. I just want to be better and eat a whole damn pizza 😡anyways. There's an update as to why I haven't posted any new hair or school related things (also for weeks before all this happened we were on winter break. So I haven't been to school in like.. over a month 😫)

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Comment from Jorge Andrés Herrera:

Siguen las sorpresas!! Del día en el que el sol se vino a parar. #2'3 HBD TO ME!!!

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