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Comment from Helen Newlove:

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Comment from Nancy P Nelson:

16 Minutes ago

I had a terrible week... One chance it's the fucking weekend again! Right? Tsss. 🙄 Something is wrong with this world! I just feel like I'm chasing those 2 fucking days of fake freedom over and over again for too long now. Know what I mean? It's the weekend, lets live! Lets forget that I have 2 days on 7 for me.... Who the hell came up with this fucking ratio!! 😱😡 I hate this bull shit so bad. Wish I could grow and kill what I eat, but the gouvernement see me as a source of profits and for my boss, I'm just the piece of shit that makes it possible for him to buy a fucking Maserati... while I get sick welding galvanized steel for his ass for like what? 3 years now! Even the money I've owned doing my job all those weeks ain't mine!🤔 I just keep it in my bank account waiting for someone to steal from me. Life is fucktop. Can I just fucking live? Eat, sleep, watch time goes by and the sun goes down? No? I want MY time back for Me, and my girlfriend,😘 free energy from the sun and wind, organic bio food and weed that I've grown in a green house, and chickens running around my bee hives. 🙏🏻Want some freaking plastics that degrades and a world that make a minimums of sense. 😩 Fuck me! All I dream of is a small auto sufficient cabin deep in the wilderness but I guess that's not what society want for me. Sometime I wish the "shit could hit the fan" so money doesn't exist anymore. You know what I mean? An apocalypse kind of thing where WallStreet is Fucked? Yeah, you do.... Anyways!it's not for now, so I guess I have no choice but to see you all again next week mother fuckers! 🙃🔫 #fucksociety #anonymous #710community #dabs #dabbinginspace #wedontsmokethesame #420 #hightimes #thc #fuelbythc #highsociety #shatter #cbd #cannabis #ganja #710society #terps #terpenes #sesh #dabbersdaily #glassart #glassartist #illuminati

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Comment from britt villa:

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