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My baby sister is 17 today!!! I love you soo much Karen! Jesus radiates from your life and i am beyond privileged to call you MY sister.................................... Go harder after Jesus this year Karen, seek him with everything you have.... “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭4:12 You have been chosen and called by the King of Kings this year to know Him, to glorify Him and to make His name known in all the world! Don't let anything hinder you from His call sister!!!! 👑 I'm So proud of you! ❤ #kingdomwork #improudofher #icutmyhaironmyown #wearealothappierthanwelook #memories #birthday

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The Lasting Leaf - Faith&Work


"As men, we can go back to Genesis and understand why we’re wired the way we are. Men and women love differently, and we’ll be battling that until the end of time. The fight I have most often with my wife involves exactly this question. I think my work is done when I come home because I’ve put my work day in; then my wife reminds me she doesn’t care how much money I make and I’m quickly brought to the realization that emptying the litter box means way more to her than any paycheck I bring home. It is all about PERSPECTIVE. I have dealt with extremely difficult situations at work only to come home to my wife who is upset that I didn’t take the trash out before I had left. She’s not in the wrong; that is a valid reason to be upset, and the fact that I had a tough day at work doesn’t excuse me from serving my wife. My wife is often left with the emotional scraps I have at the end of a day after pouring into my own employees, and she should be first. Life is about progressively gaining more responsibility, and that requires you to become more selfless. I’m working on it." 🍃 KC Holiday | Husband | President & COO of QALO Inc. 🍃 KC's company, @qalo, are makers of the functional wedding ring, inspiring a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment. Find out more (and shop too!) by tapping the link in the bio 👆🏼 #QALOring #whatsyourLeaf

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The minute you start taking credit for the things God has done in your life, you are skating on thin ice!

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Nims🔸FENTON:NY |2O Mgmt:SA 🔌


Check out my write up with The New York Immigration Coalition @thenyic x (the homie) Katherine White @i_sing_anyway ( Link in the Bio ) Speaking about my experience growing up as a Refugee kid from South Sudan in Nebraska and the recent Travel Ban! #noban #resist

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Moments like this always make work so incredibly satisfying. The artist and organization who booked them mutually joyful over sharing a meaningful experience together. Bonus = When the experience raises funding to bring hope, foster community, and build a better tomorrow for the next generation. Thank you to all who made this an amazing afternoon! - - - #cicelytyson #icon #legendary #actor #acting #hope #work #joy #smiles #92yearsold #destinyawards #laughter #moments #kingdomwork #godisgood #children #school #education #art

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Did you know that the #1 prayer request in churches across America is for something health related? Did you know that 95% of chronic illnesses are caused by poor food choices? Well, March is National Nutrition Month! Does your church have anything planned for National Nutrition Month? If not, I would love to help. Let's work together to get you and your congregation #HolyAndHealthy #KingdomWork #Ministry #LoseWeight #LoseFat #LoseInches #Motivation #Inspiration #Encouragement #HealthIsWealth #EatLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt #LoveYourselfEnoughToEatRight #TempleRenovation #FoodIsMedicine #MakeYourHealthAPriority #Nutrition #HealthCoach #NutritionCoach #God #Yeshua #Jesus #Christ #Christian #Church #KnowledgeIsPower

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Pizza Burger 🍕🍔 . Macros: P: 38g | C:56g | F:14g . Ingredients: •4oz 99% ground turkey burger •2 light English muffins •1/4-1/2 cup light smart prego •1/4-1/2c low fat mozzarella •10 slices turkey pepperoni . Directions: 1. Cook turkey burger in pan. 2. Toast English muffin, then add sauce, cheese, and turkey pepperoni to each side of English muffin and microwave for 30 seconds. 3. Put turkey burger on one half, and top with other half. If you have extra sauce, use that for dip! It tastes like a Parmesan sandwich! Yum! #fitrecipe

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Corey Hicks


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What type of work ethic do you have mine is ridiculous because I know what I want and I know what I have to do to achieve my goals. So I got uncomfortable being comfortable once I got self out the way things started to happen. Listen you have to stop taking advice from broke people they can't tell you how to go out and make a million dollars they never did it. Stop listening to uncle Leroy that sits on the porch and drink 40's and play dominos all day. Stop listening to your cousin and nem because they don't believe in you anyway they just sitting waiting for you to fail so they can say I told you so. So what your gonna have to do you just gonna have to cut some people off get that negativity away start pressing delete all the energy you give them it's taking away from your goals and dreams. Stop letting people use you as a trash can dumping all there garbage in you now you stink. You can't move forward you can't accomplish all what you set out to do because now you just overwhelmed with negativity and gossip. CUT THOSE PEOPLE OFF! Today is a new beginning go out and be great help as many people as you can the reward will be awesome. God Bless! #Godfirst #impact #kingdomwork #success

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God made the apple tree. God made the maple tree.... and then God made the PALM TREE. Every tree bares its fruit according to its purpose. Amen and amen palm tree the storms where DARK. The hurricanes where FIERCE. But all the while you had your father by your side. You just didn't know it. But NOW that you KNOW IT what storm can keep you down! Build on the favor of people that's SHAKY GROUND. Build on the favor of all those THINGS. That's ROCKY GROUND. But when your build your Destiny on CHRIST JESUS. That will only by SOLID GROUND FOR YOU!! UNLIMITED FRUIT FOR YOU Alleluia!! 💯 #PETER #NOMISTAKES

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FLYTE™ - Supplements & Apparel


Felix can find a way to turn any situation into a training session. Watch as he leads the kids in a push-up challenge during our trip to Mexico with @corazondevida this past weekend! #fitformore

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