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TIBETAN BUFFALO SKULL KAPALA The skull is approximately 28" long and 24" wide. This is a one of a kind, unique piece from the area of Southern Tibet, and Arunachal Pradesh. The area of Southern Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh is primarily an unexplored land for most developed countries, it harbors a rich biodiversity, many cultures influenced by Tibetans in the North and the Nagas of the South, also many other Shamanistic, and different Indian traditions. Although I can not identify the actual culture that produced this magnificient piece, it would most likely be one of the Adis tribes, in particular the Bokars, as they were the most heavily influenced by the Tibetans. Like many ancient cultures, these societies took an interest in skulls. This skull was painted black, like many Tibetan skulls are, and adorned in gold leaf. The symbols on the skull are the iconic lotus on fire, representing the rising and blooming above the murkiness to achieve enlightenment, the what appears to be a similar representation of a wrathful deity, possibly Yamantaka god of death. Within many agricultural societies the water buffalo or mithun are considered as part of the family. It is said that if the water buffalo dies, its skull is painted and adorned in order for the buffalo to reincarnate as a man. But is is also said that if the male of the household dies, a waterbuffalo is sacrificed and it's skull is adorned in order to help the man walk through the afterlife to find a new body. **Not Yet For Sale** • • • • • • #tibetan #skull #kapala #nagaland #tribal #tribalpiece #tribe #bokars #shaman #india #shamanism #shamanic #adornment #adorned #buffalo #waterbuffalo #skulls #reincarnation #reincarnated #deity

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