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1 Minutes ago

Comment from Sarah McDonald 🌸:

Blonde angel👼🏼

4 Minutes ago

Cut a few inches off to keep this long hair fresh ✂️✂️

4 Minutes ago

Comment from Jill Gervel:

Dark and dreamy 🖤

5 Minutes ago

Comment from 👑Darla G👑:

TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! Color by me🎨. Removed black dye. Still have a tiny bit of work to do on it but def amazing results!! Removing BLACK DYE takes patience. And not all black dye cases are the same. Expect different results... but the key is patience. It's better to get to ur desired color slow and safe than to achieve ur color but u can't even enjoy it because it feels like a broom.

6 Minutes ago

Comment from AlyKat 💚👽:

💗🌸 a little pink! A lot of love!

6 Minutes ago

My first request and attempt at a flattop fade. Tried to channel my inner @schorembarbier .Not perfect but I'm pretty happy with it considering it was a challenge for me. Shoutout to Dennis for being hella patient, v thankful 🙏🏼

7 Minutes ago

Comment from Brayden Pelletier:

7 Minutes ago

Comment from Jackie Marie:

Quick video of rose gold balayage highlight and lowlight placement ⚡️

16 Minutes ago

Comment from Shanna Rodriguez:

2 Hours ago

Comment from Nicolas Burgos:

When that hotel bathroom mirror has the beauty lighting.

1 Years ago