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lf creation


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tutorial Link- https://youtu.be/vTN3TgZSIp4 design by- @shibu_majumder @shibu_majumder nightclub photography Photoshop manipulation awesome shoutout shoutoutforshoutoutmovie movieposterawesome_photographers awesome mgk posterdesign designer manipulation amazing animations animated cool amazing instagood Photoshop durga durgapuja Colors retouch retouching trickshot manipulation concept beforeandafter photography lord shivaya

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Matthew Seremet (ArtSho.ws)


Comment from Matthew Seremet (ArtSho.ws):

A throwaway to fill this void in my daily renders... . . . Daily no. 17 (owe 4?) . . . blender blender3d blender3dart 3dartist 3d 3danimation jump dolphins cyclesrenderer daily dailyrender render 3dart abstract texture motion hair graphicdesign graphicdesigner graphics rgb cmky vfx B3D animated motiondesign red

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Comment from WOL75:

I'm creating a couple of short animations from my artwork: MC Collection: The sound of creed, so consume me, my love. Do you want to see more? 💊💊💊 gallerie kunstaandemuur inspiring nijmegen artistsoninstagram digitalart digitalartwork illustration urbancontemporaryart mylove consumer contemporaryart galleries love beautiful consumeme storytelling consumerism consume friday greed animation animated gif scarcity pills blender

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Destiny De Ammuh


Comment from Destiny De Ammuh:

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. @plotagraphpro @plotagraph @plotagraph_world plotagraph instagram instagood photography flying birds redsky cloudysky cloudsky dream sunset animation animated cinemagraph onair like4like tagsforlikes 1 palmtrees beautifullmaldives officialmaldives montiongraphics plotographsocial imageanimation

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Bill Goldstein


Comment from Bill Goldstein:

haxan by dungen is a soundtrack by the band that they put to the longest surviving animated film called theadventuresofprinceachmed recordstoreday jazzforfree vinylforfree animation music record album experimental instrumental whitevinyl kemadorecords albumart

24 Minutes ago

One Week Only - Podcast


Comment from One Week Only - Podcast:

This Saturday, ANIMATION IS FILM presents the US Premiere of "Zombillenium," a hotel/comedy adventure that premiered at Cannes! 4:15pm at the Chinese Theatres! Zombillenium Cannes2017 @animationisfilm @gkidsfilms @annecyfestival Animation Animated Zombies Vampires

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Comment from PrestonoMCraft:

It’s almost that time fellas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Followers keep me going, thanks guys! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ InstaDaily instagaming instagame instamoment twitch photoshop youtuber youtube minecraft minecrafter minecraftfx minecraftpc minecraftps3 minecraftonly storybook story artwork server videogame videogames gamer gaming animated fansign

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Idris Bukhari


Comment from Idris Bukhari:

specialeffects graphics photoshop tintin tintinmovie like4like animated 3d

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Comment from demonography:

graceful otter in the water for 17 inktober inktober2017 illustration fauna animation animated handdrawnanimation drawing art

36 Minutes ago

Alex Amparo


Comment from Alex Amparo:

Ghosting it up and vibing real well now. Always striving to become a better me. Vibe Vibing Strong workingout gym working arms abs gains animated hot🔥 hotfire

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Comment from ShuBhAm:

The Indian city streets are even more colourful and boisterous than usual, owing to the presence of decorations (and firecrackers) leading up to Diwali, one of the most important Hindu celebrations. happyDipawali diwali festive lightening beingindian being happy fun festival crackers sweets inspiration instago animated clip 2D futureanimator

48 Minutes ago

Kenan Stevanus Hasiholan


Comment from Kenan Stevanus Hasiholan:

Prime . . . optimusprime trucks robots transformers rollout thelastknight humanextinction darkofthemoon revengeofthefallen autobots movies cartoon animated peterbilt instaart vectorart like4like

51 Minutes ago

Female. 👩🏻‍💻 Philippines 🇵🇭


Comment from Female. 👩🏻‍💻 Philippines 🇵🇭:

banner ad design gif.

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Jeff Gross


Comment from Jeff Gross:

Posting another animated record because I figured out how to make and post higher quality animations on IG. Oh, turn your sound on. . . . . . pen ink sketch sketchbook inkandpaper record vinyl lp animated animation

1 Hours ago

Michael Ramirez


Comment from Michael Ramirez:

Good lord I love animation mickey goofy pluto ohboy animation animatedshort animated goodnight latenight

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Comment from Tauree:

Birthday Self-Portait. (10/18) Bruh, time really flying by. I don’t have anything really profound to say about me turning 24. It’s just dope to have all of y’all follow along with me on this art journey. Thank you again. This is my Kobe year. 😎 And like him, I’m just tryna achieve greatness. 🙏🏾 • • • birthday selfportrait illustration cartoon animated copic blackart blackartist instaart dailyart artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram october jimmycruiser

1 Hours ago

Jonathan London


Comment from Jonathan London:

Working on an Oliver and Company piece because why not?! Lol disney animated film sketch ipadproart

1 Hours ago

Cult of the Popular


Comment from Cult of the Popular:

50 years since The Jungle Book. This is the final film produced by Walt Disney. The Jungle Book was even lobbied by Gregory Peck to be nominated for Best Picture; he didn't succeed. Its legacy today more than makes up for that. What's your favorite part of this movie?

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Comment from D-mac:

Attemping to paint 2d 3d animation sitcom stopmotion christian trillionaire. realmofGod. jesuse God visualart. animator dmac dmacsworldtv texas jesusname youtuber news. reporter cast crew 10am Saturdays animated acrylicpainting YouTube series news

1 Hours ago

Uncle Jed 🍅


Comment from Uncle Jed 🍅:

Bundle Up 🤷🏼‍♂️eskimobrothers eskimobros eskimo snow snowfall gif dead animated facts ohboy

1 Hours ago

Mitch Lee


Comment from Mitch Lee:

Some screen caps of Young George and the Dragon. Redemption handling the audio post and score for this film produced by my good friends at New Machine Studios. Great story for kids written and directed by @colincurwen. Check my IG story for some behind the scenes making of the soundtrack.

1 Hours ago

Tyler Allen


Comment from Tyler Allen:

leveldesign gamejam blender unity3d 3dmodel 3dmodelling indie game gamer developer indiedev gamedev nerd gamedevelopment 3dscene render tech technology software lighting animation animated render lowpoly visualeffects character charactermodeling Csharp programming

2 Hours ago

Just an Ordinary Life


Comment from Just an Ordinary Life:

Tornamesa JaOL Just ordinary life animación animated classic homework oc tornamesa práctica practice rotación

2 Hours ago

The Missing Link


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2 Hours ago

The Missing Link


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2 Hours ago

The Missing Link


Comment from The Missing Link:

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Comment from DUST:

Nice render by @riazzu scifi ・・・ cinema4d mocap octane animation motiongraphics

2 Hours ago

Jason Trinidad


Comment from Jason Trinidad:

Cat Town has some great grocery stores, any type of fish and seafood you want! 🐡🐟🐠🦐🐙🦑🦀 . . . . . . cattown lazy chillin cafe coffeeshop cats frenchcafe drawingoftheday draweveryday catsofinstagram catvideo cattown cat catlover cats cartoon animated toon doodle catdrawing kitty design film chill catcrew catcreeper tv groceries shopping foodie

2 Hours ago

Santiago Ogazón


Comment from Santiago Ogazón:

Yubaba :3 Inspired by Chihiro ,work un progress wip workinprogres 3d animated animation yubaba miyazaki ghibli japan monster halloween blender cinema4d

2 Hours ago

Josh Horn


Comment from Josh Horn:

And this week's turtletuesday will be my old tmnt chest. This great box has held my random figures for well over 20 years. Swipe to see all the amazing artwork toys actionfigures cartoon teenagemutantninjaturtles ninjaturtles toitles turtles animated chest toybox toycollection 90s 90skid 80s retro nostalgic splinter gamer

2 Hours ago

Gaurav Bahroos


Comment from Gaurav Bahroos:

I ❤️ Minecraft minecraft digitalpainting digitalart digital art blocky mine craft animated wallpaper background minecraftstorymode storymode

2 Hours ago

Jake Giles


Comment from Jake Giles:

Our original art sketches from BraveLittleToaster! They came with our tickets. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of being freaked out by that damn air conditioner. tcltheater hollywood classicmovies animated blanky

2 Hours ago

Richard Powell


Comment from Richard Powell:

draw drawing drawings figure figuresketch gesturedrawing animated ink inksketch ballpoint soccer sketch

3 Hours ago