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* Container: Original container by Aso Kojima Materials: Narcissus and Mum * 小嶋さんの作品に水仙と寒菊をいけております。詳細は、ブログにて紹介しております。プロフィールのホームページからブログのリンク先をご参照下さい。ホームページでは、教室の情報も掲載しております。 * #花 #いけばな #flower #ikebana #art #artist #flowers #IGersJP #生け花 #Japan #花のある暮らし #花のある生活 #plants #plant #植物 #flora #bloom #blooming #blooms #ザ花部 #team_jp_flower #instagood #ig_japan #小嶋亜創 #花ならい #丁寧な暮らし

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My dream is BIG. . #art

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If the galactic star systems spreading throughout the universe were to be mapped out appropriately, it would be important to include a particular stretch of space in the outer-ring territories. This expanse is known by most travelers as the roaming territory of the notorious Dark Star pirate clan—a place on the map to avoid if at all possible. Combining the most unsavory, deceitful, vile scum from across the multi-ring universe, the Dark Star pirates make up the largest assembled force not connected with the Federal Alliance or the Monist Empire. It is commonly understood that most black market trading, illegal trafficking, and all other under-the-counter activities are done through Dark Star handling. These 'underground' actions are how the clan funds its extensive ragtag collection of old decommissioned military vessels—outfitting them with the latest smuggled etherburst engines and advanced weaponry. Mottled with rust and grime, coated with replacement steel sheets, and having gone through repairs using parts that belonged to a variety of different war machines, this mobile junkyard's appearance is the signature design of the pirate clan's fleet. Pray for any spacecraft that wanders too far into Dark Star-controlled territory. Unless they were able to strike a deal for safe passage, their ship—let alone their lives—might meet a rather brutal end. -The Dark Star Pirate Clan

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Got some progress on this rose sleeve today. Thank you again brotha Kyle. Always a pleasure having you in my chair dude. 💪 lines and grey wash healed here.

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