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Heidi Hoas Long


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Thursday, February 23, 2017 - Happy Thursday! Two cards came up for us today: Shaman, and Ocean. The combined message speaks of wisdom, and the balance of our emotions. The Shaman knows that all exists for us on Earth; the feelings of joy and sorrow, of fear and excitement. We are asked today to neither suppress nor feed our emotions; simply recognize and embrace that which we are feeling. If fear-based thoughts arrive within, know them for what they are, bless them, and allow them to dissolve. Just like inhaling and exhaling, all is natural and flows with ease when we surrender to this natural rhythm. It is when we try to force one or the other that our difficulties arise. Be your own observer today, and know that the joy of being human comprises the whole gamut of emotions within. ๐ŸŒธ #dailytarot #wildrosereiki #earthmagic #stevenfarmer #ebbandflow #balance #emotions

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Dear One, in relation and connection with me means self growth. I couldn't guarantee If I'm not made a mistakes or might hurt you, but I can promise I'll fix and grow is always about trial and error but is not like a flip of the palms as a lot of things that we need to reveals each time, that made the sparks of our love never dies. You and I not the same person everyday as we are grow and change that's made everything more interesting and fun. Let's committed to grow, you grow for yourself and I do for me together we walk to support each otherโค๏ธ #love #realm #man #woman #relation #connection #ubud #selfgrowth #commited #sparks #desire #ourselves #support #walk #forgiveness #understanding #selfcompassion #Indonesia #Bali #relationship #feminine #masculine #shiva #shakti #sunandmoon #harmony #balance #selfdevelopment

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I've been asked WHY I CARE about my blood sugar levels if I'm not diabetic. Great question! Let me tell you... Having stable blood sugar can benefit EVERYONE, not just diabetics. Too much sugar in your blood can lead to inflammation, which is the cause of a TON of health issues today!! Then there are HORMONES! Google "hormones and blood sugar" and you can see why people "feel" so good on our pink drink. It delivers... - Natural sustained energy that LASTS - Better sleep - Willpower over food So, why do I care about having balanced blood sugar? It keeps me from feeling exhausted and needing naps, helps me make better food choices and leads to overall better health! Plus, you burn FAT and not muscle when your blood sugar is level! Health Disclaimer: Plexus results vary from person to person. Plexus does NOT claim to cure, treat, or prevent any medical issues or diseases. #guthealth #pinkdrink #hormones #bloodsugar #plexusslim #balance #naturalenergy #energy #workingmom

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My favorite thing about running is also my favorite thing about yoga; you can do them just about anywhere . This morning I chose to take the trail and found myself here. The shadows from the light gave me a perfect space to stop and meditate. It gave me a moment to remind myself of something I once heard. That yoga is like the balance between the light and the dark. The light is what brings us back to the mat and the darkness is what you uncover there....Above all, there is no darkness so dense or difficult that it can not be overcome by light. #lightanddark #bealight #facethelight #balance #lookwithin #dowhatyoulove #run #yoga #spreadjoy #practiceyogadaily #meditatedaily #bethechange #bepresent

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Fournier Massage Therapy


Note to self ๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ซ . . . #Repost @shareloveeverywhere @corrinemaried . . . This message on repeat all year long: Self-care is not selfish. You have to learn to show yourself kindness and grace before you can extend kindness and grace to others. || #shareloveeverywhere

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The earth has music, for those who listen. -Shakespeare ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŽถ โค๏ธ ๐ŸŒŠ Enjoying a beach break in between storms. Right after this, the beach was shut down for unstable terrain. California can't catch a break this year. #CAflood

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Lo Vilifshi


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A recent reading with a working dancer/singer inspired this reminder of the importance of creating from a place of purity. It is a fine line between creating to pay the bills and creating to feed your soul. Keeping pure creativity a part of life is necessary for the well being of every person. If you're a creative soul I highly recommend a medium for you to create that isn't your chosen profession. You don't always have to be good at something to create. #DivineSupport #create #creativesoul #sacralchakra #heal #holistic #balance #love #art #artist #vegan #dance #music #endlessoptions

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