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Comment from Emerald G:

How awesome would it be to go back to 2003 sipping on that Don Julio Añejo bottle while listening to Los Rieleros del Norte live! #blameitontherain

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Comment from Kim:

Staying right here today. Don't ask for anything. The answer is no! #blameitontherain

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Comment from Rob Goodpaster:

Actual conversation: Me: Lincoln Robert why are you eating the bottom of the ice cream cone? Lincoln: Because I wanted the cone and there was too much ice cream on top. Me: you know that's gonna melt and cause a mess right? Lincoln: yeah I know I just got excited. It's ok we will blame it on shu shu. (A) Meanwhile Annabelle is minding her business almost done with her ice cream. 😂😍 I've heard of burning the candle at both ends, but never eating an ice cream cone from both ends. #thesekids #itaintmyfault #blame #blameitontherain #blameitonthenight #shushu #awesomekids

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Comment from Carl James:

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