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I am so proud of my wife, she gave birth to our third, beautiful daughter not to long ago and she is back at it stronger than ever. This time she has a friend to keep her motivated and together they push each other and keep on chasing dem gains! Today was back day and the FD it up. Yeah buddy!!!! #nodaysoff #strongfirst #weightloss #fitness #getfit #workout #swole #grindout #strengthtraining #strengthcamp #soalpha #ironaddict #overtraining #fitfam #beastmode #gym #fitnessaddict #fitnesslifestyle #instadaily #fitnessfreak #deadlift #strenght #fitnesstoronto #416 #ironaddict #soalpha #bodybuilding #deadlifts #deadlift #fitnessfreak #fitto #fitnesstoronto #transformation #bodybuilding #instafit #416

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Charles チャールズ Чарльз 찰스 تشارلز


Minha ceia, mousse de abacate 🥑 Geralmente como antes de dormir e com alguma proteína como claras de ovo ou uma dose de caseína. Neste mousse eu coloquei Abacate, Gengibre, Hortelã, Limão, adoçante culinário e um pouco de água, após bater no liquidificador deixo no congelador por uma hora. Abacate é gordura boa, ajuda no processo de perda de gordura corporal e na produção do hormônio do crescimento (GH) durante o sono entre outros benefícios para saúde, vou listar. 1 - Aumenta a absorção de Carotenoides; 2 - Poder anti-inflamatória; 3 - Reduz estresse; 4 - Melhora a saúde cardiovascular; 5 - Anticâncer; 6 - Controle do colesterol; 7 - Fluxo intestinal regular; 8 - Inibe o apetite, saciedade; 9 - Regula a menstruação (isto só serve para as mulheres 😂); 10 - Melhora a visão; 11 - Melhor saúde para os cabelos; 12 - Melhora o sono; 13 - Evita o envelhecimento precoce e trata a pele; 14 - Ajuda a regular o metabolismo da glicose; 15 - Ajuda na construção da massa muscular (Melhor parte 💪😂) Benefícios do Gengibre com o limão também são para auxílio na queima de gordura, gengibre é termogênico natural e acelera o metabolismo, acelera a queima de calorias e eliminação de gordura, este último benefício tem no limão também, sem falar no poder antioxidante do limão que faz o efeito detox no organismo, limpando as impurezas que dificultam a perda de peso. A hortelã também é boa para pele, estresse, prevenção de resfriados e funções digestivas. Quantas coisas boas 😀 Obs.: Consuma com moderação 😂 . . #fitness #muscle #bodybuilding #nopainnogain #healthyfood #healthylife #abacate #gengibre #limão #hortelã

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Artist 🎨🖼 😍😍


اللي مشي مشي خلاص انساه بص لقدام وكمل طريقك لان هيقابلك ناس احسن منه وخليك فاكر ان فيوم اكيد هيندم انه خسرك عشان مصلحته وانا اللي يمشي من حياتي بمسحه ومببصش عليه تاني ولا كانه كان ماضي اصلا فحياتي 👎 #portrait #drawing #speed #art #pencil #couples #happy #yasmine_sabri #pantenehair #gym #fitness #gold #gym #work #workout #lifting #love #weights #sport #exercise #happy #body #bodybuilding #sex #motivation #muscles #aerobic #fit #كلنا_رسامين #صباح #الخير #valentine

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Hayden Bowe


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250kg/551lbs for 3x6 (a new 6 rep PR) things are looking great going into next week's meet! - Hybrid Powerlifting has the perfect meet prep built into it. I'm pumped to see where I finish this training cycle. - @hybridperformancemethod #hybridAF

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Jade Sharpe


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Because I think transparency is important and if my pain can help someone, it won't be for nothing. After a breakup I never saw coming in a million years, the thought of eating or the gym has been nonexistent. But tonight I decided to turn the pain into power and get back to what I love. Take whatever struggle you're going through and refuse to let it keep you down. Take a little time but stand back up and be even better than you were. AND if anyone has suggestions for a new gym in Milwaukee, let me know! #fitness #fitspo #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #gains #gym #lifting #liftheavy #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #delts #stronger #motivation

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Larissa Rachael Lavender


Truth right there. I believe the pain in many spots of my body was legitimate enough to quit lifting. That being said, I will NEVER let any reason or excuse get in the way I what MY DREAMS ARE. I pressed pause and I attacked my pain as a challenge. I let go of what I wanted to do and did what my body needed for a time. What will make me great in the long run is that I sure as hell wil never give up. Il figure it out, Il ask for help, Il vent, Il cry, Il scream. And Il repeat that until breakthrough comes. My workout today consisted of... Stretching/lacrosse ball for mobility on my ankle, foot and shins. 10 minutes elliptical Lacrosse ball on painful spots on foot, shins and calves again. A little hamstring and calf mashing with a barbell. Reading out of Supple Leopard text book 📚 and figuring out what spots on my body need to most attention so that I walk pain free. 10 minutes elliptical Shin/peroneals mashing and rolling with lacrosse ball AGAIN cuz I've been feeling a sharp pain on the SIDE of my right heel which is where the tendons of the Peroneals attach. Been about 2 hours so I hit my pec minor and delts with lacrosse ball and finish with 2 sets of 15 straight arm pull throughs and pressdowns to keep my low traps strong = good posture and pain management for my neck 💪🏼 keep killing it. My patience will win me the race 😬 #fitfam #inspiration #motivation #quotes #quotes #positivevibesonly #positivity #patience #workout #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #suppleleopard #relentless #nevergiveup #letsdothis #bodybuilding #painmanagement #girlswhopowerlift #dreamsofabodybuilder

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495 ✔️ Took me awhile to realize how important deadlifts are to overall strength.. 585 next 😄

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Michelle Ackers


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✨GLUTE ACTIVATION PART 1✨ so as important as exercise videos are, I don't see a ton of people posting warmup routines... which is a 🔑 part of training! ☺️ if you don't activate your muscles not only are you risking injury but you may not be properly targeting the muscles that you want to grow. by activating them properly you will get the blood flowing and set yourself up for a proper pump. 💕👊🏻 these are the stretches I do before any leg day! 🤗🍑

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Jon Antignani


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CLIENT SPOT-LIGHT!! 🚨 This dude keeps refusing to accept no for an answer! #noexcuses with this guy! Client Mark crushes 405lbs on some rows at 57 years of age! Age is CLEARLY just a number! take care of yourself and make it a lifestyle! Come see me at @extremeironpg and make this your lifestyle!! 💪🏻💯

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