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Elle Kartalian


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JÁ SABE O QUE VAI LER NESSE CARNAVAL? "Em Algum tipo de amor, novo romance new adult de Letícia Kartalian, vemos uma forte relação surgir entre versos e notas, entre medos e incertezas, entre a amizade e a paixão. É uma história sobre a música com amor e sobre o amor com música, mostrando que quando o coração encontra a sua harmonia perfeita... Já era." ► Também disponível no Kindle Unlimited. Vem fazer parte do grupo de leitores ► #bookstagram #algumtipodeamor #kindle #amazon #romance #newadult #livronacional #romance #euleiobrasil #book #amor #review #livro #euleionacional #campanhacoan #read #instabook #bookworm #literaturanacional #bookaddict #bookaholic

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katie | book blogger | 15


i really really really want to read this book, hopefully i'll get to it really soon! plus this cover is stunning and it's a signed copy from target 😍 so it's a win-win situation everywhere! 😋 have you read this? thoughts? 💓

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Evelyn | US | Photographer


I saved this beauty for last because she's my ABSOLUTE FAVE and she's always down to talk about books and book boyfriends and THESE PHOTOS!!! I absolutely adore @salzbookden so please make sure to give her a follow. I PROMISE you'll love her too! Ok I'll turns the caps off now 😂😂😂 - - - - Thanks again to everyone who participated in my #sfs and until next time, happy reading babes!!! ✌🏼❤📚

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Brother Haters Anonymous


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Simran Reads | Ravenclaw | 21


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Matte Ink


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Sonya 👽


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I don't often preorder books, but this was one I jumped on about a month before it was released, and I was so glad I did. I wasn't sure how I'd end up feeling about it because Amy and Tina are such a pair and I didn't really care for Bossypants, but Yes Please was such an enjoyable read. What other advice memoirs would you recommend? 💕 . I've been writing like mad lately to finish up another zine, then I have /another/ to get started on shortly after, so I've been pretty darn busy the past couple of days. It's good, though, and it's such a satisfying kind of busy. But it's been taking up a lot of my time and energy, so pretty much all of my other projects (except for my 365 photos) have been neglected. It's just the cycle, though. Once I finish these, I'll move back into something else. 😊 . . . #books #bookish #bookstagram #bookstagrammers #bibliophile  #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookblogger #booklove #booklover #booknerd #bookporn #bookphotography #bookworm #memoir #amypoehler #yesplease #nonfiction

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James William Peercy


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Five stars to Worldwide by Jacqueline E. Smith! Trouble is brewing with a band as famous as The Kind of September. Add to it rumors about the relationship between Sam and Melissa, and the mix gets quickly out of control. Preying upon the attention the band receives, the threat of a breakup comes closer. But whose? And what will happen to those that do? Worldwide continues the problems a popular band can generate and who can be hurt through the simplest of decisions. It delves into the thoughts and feelings, exposing the harmful actions that plague humanity whoever we are. Jacqueline E. Smith does a great job at weaving the story... #boybandseries #worldwide #bookaddict #bookstagram #reviews #review #bookreview #goodreads #amazonbooks #indiebooks #jacquelineesmith

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Abigail N. • Hufflepuff


So, I have decided to change my username from 'abigailsbooks' to 'abigailscupoftea' so it would match my username on YouTube. It just makes more sense to have them be the same. ❤ By the way, I posted a new video today! It's my February Favorites, and I shared some beauty products and books I've been loving this month. If you want to check it out, the link to my channel is in my bio. 😊 . I'm doing some last minute packing and then I'm off to bed. I have to be up SUPER early tomorrow to catch my flight. I'm bringing All the Bright Places and the Sorcerer's Stone with me. I was going to bring my nook with me but the downside of an e-reader is that it's another electronic you have to worry about charging. Plus, I just like having actual books with me because they are comforting and it will remind me of home. I get homesick so easily; I always have. I'm especially going to miss Eleanor (my youngest cat) because she's my baby and I'm used to spending a ton of time with her. But I know my mom is going to take good care of her and Aria and Margo (my other cats). Does anyone else get homesick when they travel? . #bookstagram #bookworm #bookphotography #bibliophile #booklover #bookaddict #instareads #book #bookblogger #instabook #reader #bookish #bookgram #beautifulbooks #reading

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taylor/canada/winter court/xv


Who are your favourite authors? - This gorgeous "Rattle the Stars" candle is from @fictionalflames Go check out her website (link in @fictionalflames bio) to check out more beautiful candles! When you make a purchase, remember to use the code PLENTIFULPAGES at checkout for 15% off of your order! - Hi book lovers! I did have a lot of homework this evening, so sorry for not being too active in the afternoon! I'm going to catch up everyone's posts now! I hope you all had a great start to your week! - Day 27 of #bibliobookishpagesfeb is #favouriteauthor Mine is, of course, @therealsjmaas 💗

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Lucía Victoria


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#Repost @lamaletaliteraria with @repostapp ・・・ ¡¡¡GANA LA MALETA LITERARIA DE FEBRERO!!! 😀😍 . Para que tengas la oportunidad de conocer de que se trata La Maleta Literaria, tendremos nuestro primer giveaway. El premio será la Maleta del mes de febrero para un único ganador 😉 . INSTRUCCIONES: 🔹 Sigue a @lamaletaliteraria 🔹 Dale like a la foto. 🔹ea/Comparte la imagen en tu perfil y usa el hashtag #lamaletagiveaway 🔹 Etiqueta en los comentarios a dos amig @s book lover 👈 . IMPORTANTE: 🔹 Fecha límite: 6 de marzo 11:59 p.m. 🔹 Diponible ólo para México. 🔹Debe completar lo 4 pao para hacer válida tu participación. 🔹Si ere menor de 18 año debe tener permio de tu padre para compartir tu dirección de reultar ganador 😀 . #lamaletaliteraria #amoleer #bookaddict #booknerd #booklover #bookgiveaway #orteolibro #orteo #lamaletagiveaway #oylector #megutaleer #libro #amantedelibro #amantedeletra #libroadicto #libroadicta #yoleo #yoleoenepañol #intalibro #intabook #📚

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mica | 23


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Tomorrow is picture taking day but I'm so lazyyyyyy help. I'll try and do my best at taking good pics since I'm hating the ones I upload lately 😑. What do you do when everything you do turns out awful? *tries really hard not to give up*

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Ashanti Marty Cat 🎃🍁


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Obral Buku Jogja


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DELEILAH tak ingin pulang dari pesta Penulis : Puthut EA Penerbit : insist Tebal : 125 hlm OBRAL : 17.000 SINOPSIS : Buku ini adalah sebuah drama tentang dunia waria, sebuah dunia yg sampai saat ini masih belum diakui. Mengambil latar kehidupan sehari hari tiga orang waria, drama ini jg mencoba untuk menerobos sekat masa lalu, imajinasi, dan pernik persoalan yg kompleka diantara mereka. Sebuah usaha untuk mentusun mozaik dari sebuah dunia yg terus menagih untuk mendapatkan tempat dan pengakuan kita. Info dan Pemesanan: SMS/WA: 085648666196 PIN BB: D7DF4B91 #jualbuku #bukumurah #bukupopuler #yogyakarta #tokobuku #hobibaca #ilmu #bukubagus #istimewa #murah #hobi #baca #obj #bestbook #populer #indonesia #jawa #gramedia #bestseller #murahmeriah #obral #murah #wawasan #booklover #bookaddict #puthutea #bukumojok

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katie | bibliophile


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is this too many paperbacks to take on a 9-day vacation? 😂

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Rachel | 22 | wife | USA


Thank you so much @penguinteen for sending me this copy of Rebel of the Sands! I just finished reading it and my spoiler-free review is now up on Goodreads (the blog post will go up this weekend 😋). So excited to continue onto Traitor to the Throne!!! 🏜 Gave this book 4/5 stars, y'all! Go check out my review on Goodreads (exact same username!). 😘 • • • • #read #reading #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #booknookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookshelf #bookblog #bookstagramreviews #bookworm #booktography #booknerd #bookish #booklove #booklover #bookaddict #bibliophile #fangirl #bookishfeatures #rebelofthesands #alwynhamilton #yafantasy # #bookreviewer

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Mel Schuit


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Little cities for little hands! The first two cities in a new board book series by Jennifer Adams and @gregpizzoli are out this April! @chroniclebooks

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Ayushi Jaiswal📚


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