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Hardcover Hoarder 🍂✨


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I actually read the first volume of Karneval and the first two volumes of Young Justice this month as well. I really love Karneval it's so fun and cute and mysterious. Also Gareki is my boi 😚 • Unfortunately I don't have the physical copies of YJ since I bought them on Comixology but boy oh boy it's so great to see more content from one of my favorite shows. It's like bonus episodes or deleted scenes. • • #manga #comics #karneval #anime #books #reading #bookstagram

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Releases Friday, Feb. 24th Have you ever been so deep in love with someone that you would ignore every flaw in your relationship to convince yourself that what you have is what every woman dreams of? Ever faked smiles for social media, cover up your partners tracks and hide your bruises just to keep u the façade? Christine love for her husband Abe, has blinded her from just how bad her marriage really is. Countless excuses she made for him whenever he would lay his hands on her and the many lies he told that she was forced to believe, has made her feel less than human. No matter how many times she forgives him and prove her worth to him, he would still walk all over her like she means nothing. In her deepest depression, her high school love, Cruz, reintroduces himself into Chrisette’s life and reveals to her just how special she really is. When Cruz finds out the truth behind the fake smiles of his lover, he finds it the perfect opportunity to win back what was rightfully his to begin with. But Abe don’t plan on letting go too easy and refuse to lose to his longtime enemy. As Chrisette’s love for Abe subsides and her feelings for Cruz deepens, she realizes that he just kisses it better. Add me on Facebook to be invited to the Book release event! #events #books #urban #domesticviolence #love #marriage #infidelity

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just a fandom of queens👑


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Time to vote for March Candle Of The Month! You guys know the drill by now, comment down below the number that associates with the character/book that you wish to vote for as our March Candle Of The Month. You have 24 hours to vote and then this time tomorrow i will announce the winner and that candle will become our March candle only available for the month of March. 1. Cabeswater from The Raven Cycle. 2. Wanderer from The Host 3. The Glade from Maze Runner trilogy 4. Mr Grey from 50 Shades of Grey trilogy 5. Patronus Charm from Harry Potter Gorgeous photo by one of our reps @pagetravels

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Spotted someone reading crooked kingdom on the train today, all I did was see the red pages and knew 😏

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Two words: incredible book || Невероятная книга! пока лучшее, что я читала в этом году :) И да! Она стоит каждой потраченной на нее минуты ;) || Джонатан Стрендж и мистер Норрелл - это атмосфера старой доброй Англии с настолько тонким и аккуратным вплетением мира магии в нее, что у тебя не остается сомнений, что магия действительно существовала в 1816 г. :) Ты просто не можешь оторваться, настолько приятно читать книгу Сюзанны Кларк. #booklook_февраль от @booklook_club #booklook_февраль_luckiart #blf21 #luckilib #timeforrelax #instabook #books #bookstagram #люблючитать #книжныйчервь #книгоотзыв #книжнаяполка #книги #мирдолжензнатьчтоячитаю #timeforbook #kidsbooks #bookstagram #bookphotography #bookme #booklovers #booksofinstagram #bookaholic #booklove #bookcover #jonathanstrangeandmrnorrell #susannaclarke #englishfairytales #bigbooks #magic

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I want adventure in the great wide somewhere 🥀

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