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@librarylights is a new candle shop soon to be opening on Etsy. I am so excited for them to open because they've got some unique scents that I haven't really seen many people do. . Anyways, my name is Taylor and I am 18 from Missouri. I love photography (there's not much I'm sure about but to be a photographer in the future I am) and reading. I spend more time on my bookstagram account than my personal and my camera roll is filled with bookish pictures. I would love to be a rep for you because as I've said you have a lot of unique scents that I'm really looking forward to. You're page is unique and I love your labels. You seem so creative and fun and sweet and I would love to be a apart of your team. I easily post every day and my New Year's Resolution was to reach out to more people on Instagram so every Wednesday I do a story shoutout session for people with under 1k. Which I will probably eventually raise. Then at the beginning of every month I am teaming up with a group of 3-7 people to do a huge group shoutout session to everyone. I think I'm funny but I'm actually annoying so it might suck for you if I replied for you but I would really love to be one. Love Taylor 💕

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*jei knyga atrodo kaip saldainis, dar nereiškia, kad jà būtina perskaityti 🙍🏼🍭 pastaruoju metu mano akį labai patraukia spalvingi viršeliai, bėda ta jog tos knygos visai ne man... kaip anksčiau nutiko su "Didi Magija" 🌼 šioje autorius pasakoja savo išgyvenimus susirgus depresija, lyg ir su humoru bandoma, moderniai, su įvairiausom citatom, sàrašais ir pan. 🌸 bet man pačiai sunku vertinti tokio turinio knygas ir žinoma tikėjaus daugiau bendrù dalykù, o ne tiesiog išsipasakojimo, kur kiekviename puslapyje matau tik: aš aš Aš aŠ aš ašašašašašaššš 🌴 nieko labai blogo, bet ir nieko gero 👸🏼🍹 #knyga #book #bookstagram #sofoklis #booklover #booknerd #bookworm #niekorimto #goodreads #photooftheday #bookcover #instabook #bookphotography #bookporn #bookaddict #vscocam #vscobooks

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This book is an indescribable way to spend a morning. In a sentence I am transported to the cobblestones of a romantic Barcelona resisting the innovation of the modern world, locked in the mystery and allure of an author who destiny seems to be trying to forget. I'm I love #bookstagram #bibliophile #picoftheday #saturdaymorning

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