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10 WINTER BOOTS TO WEAR WITH A SUIT Now that winter has arrived with all it’s fury, it’s time to trade in those oxfords for a pair of boots. Of course, if you’re wearing a suit, you don’t want to strap on some furry pair of arctic moon boots and completely ruin your look. You also don’t want something that won’t stand up to the elements. So what you need is a great leather boot that’s sturdy, but with the low profile and clean lines that work seamlessly with a dressier wardrobe. From classic brogues to waterproof Chelseas, here are 10 winter-ready boots that will look amazing with a suit.

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The boots for my Juvia cosplay arrived the other day :D I'm super excited to be putting this all together, but I've never worn boots this high before so it should be interesting XD

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