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I gave you fair warning...don't get on my bad side

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So here is how to disassemble old coal burning, gravity boiler. A fun house project for the whole family with some exposure to soot, asbestos, iron; all while getting a great workout! #fitfam - get a 4' pipe wrench for unions, you'll need all the ass you can get - torch, hammer, PB blaster, biggest sledge hammer you can find, grinder - someone's storage containers Tarp everything around. Go to town. Break the wooden handle of the hammer. Get scrap money. Pick nose for days later. #funweekends #wcw #mealprep #upperglutesday #bunchashit

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Any of you A8 guys had any luck with led city lights? If so where did you get them?? This is my second "guaranteed not to throw a bulb out code" set that does in fact throw a bulb out code. If you've changed these before than you are well aware how much fun it is to keep swapping them out 😡 #lookslikericeanyways #bunchashit

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