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Myron Eamon Palmer


Comment from Myron Eamon Palmer:

🇬🇧🇨🇮🇯🇲 "Old ways won't open new doors" 🌟 fousn youryear challengeyourself • • • • 🔜 🔥Hard work needs no introduction ❤ • • • • • 🔝 🙏🏽🔥🙏🏼aesthetic stayhungry behumble smile usn diversity community worldwide follow focused mensphysique fitnessmodel womensphysique followforfollow hardworkpaysoff progressnotperfection photography fashionandfitness happyfriday challengeyourself dontjudgeabookbyitscover embraceyourflaws dontjudgechallenge bodypositive bodybuildingmotivation bodyunderconstruction beachbody bodygoals2017

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Comment from L I S A:

Man oh man! My body is sore from the last couple of days! Yoga is just what I needed!

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Greg Meehan


Comment from Greg Meehan:

First time trying mobike... Super easy to use, cheap, and convenient. 14km and my ass didn't break! . . . . fitness gym cardio mobike smarttech smartbike startup tech bicycle riding fatguy success win challengeyourself unfit singapore

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Comment from dumči.:

So after a few months of not baking anything, this is what this Pineapple&Carrot&Walnut cake taught me today: 1. don't give up, maybe it just needs another try (the first batch of the frosting ended up in the trash can) 2. patience (after a wave of disappointment & a few deep breaths, I went back to the store, bought new ingredients and started all over) 3. purpose over perfection (the second batch of frosting is still not the best, it's way too sweet, but it serves its purpose. Don't seek for perfection based on comparison with the picture perfect posts on IG) 4. learn & ask for help (if anyone knows how to make some bomb cream cheese/mascarpone frosting - not too sweet & stiff - heeeelp me please) 5. do what you love, love what you do (find time for the things that sets your soul on fire and don't feel guilty for "wasting time" on them) 6. share (love is sweet 😉) Last but not least: this cake is kinda like me. She might not be the prettiest in the city, but damn she's still good! 💃🍰 bake baking homebaking dessert cake carrotcake cinnamon pineapple coconut walnut frosting creamcheese challengeyourself learn grow inspire home sunday friendship freetime love loveismyreligion

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Comment from J A M I E P A R S O N S:

@dawnchere brought the house down at DFL2017. I’m talking all the feels. 😂😁😭 • People, guard your hearts and minds. Pay attention to what you CONSUME. What you spend your time reading, watching, looking at will DIRECTLY effect your thoughts, emotions, behaviors. Consume positive, uplifting, encouraging content... create positive, uplifting, encouraging attitudes/habits. If you’re consuming content that creates jealousy, envy, discontentment, discouragement, insecurities, etc, then I challenge you to reconsider what you’re filling your mind with. Don’t spend so much time focusing on your physical appearance/health that you neglect your mental health. Remove the crap and see what happens. 😉💕 • fitfam fitstagram fitlife fitnessjourney challengeyourself discipline instahealth confidence hardworkpaysoff therapy mentalhealth licensedprofessionalcounselor doitforyou loveyourself health healthylifestyle healthyhabits healthymind completelystrong

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Monika Hladká


Comment from Monika Hladká:

🔝H I C K I N G 1 5 5 1 m . . walkinghickingcardiomountainsmountainfoodfoodismfoodiehealthyfoodbeercabbagesoupfitfitgirlhealthychallengeyourselfpicfoodpornfoodstagraminstadaily instagoodphotooftheday

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Marta Sobol


Comment from Marta Sobol:

Who said it’s goin’ to be easy💪🔥👊 niemalekko runmageddon przygotowania funday sunday weekend running jogging nikerunning nikerun fit fitgirl workout training autumn fall active fitbody survivalrunner instagramfitness instafit challengeaccepted challengeyourself keepgoing neverstop workhard blondhairdontcare

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Comment from dk4l_videos:

DK4L Ken's Mom vs De'arra Challenge dk4lgang dk4lpranks dk4l dk4lmacbookgiveaway dk4life dk4lgiveaway challenger challengeyourself challenge funnymemes funny funnyvideos funnyshit

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Alexa Schafer


Comment from Alexa Schafer:

Yesterday’s hike challenged everything we had but happy we conquered it together! frankensteincliff hikenh october fall autumn mountains hiking hikingadventures fallcolors neverstopexploring foliage igersmountains igersnh whitemountains beauty nature hikethewhites newengland challengeyourself marriedlife getlostinthewoods arethusafalls

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Rita Bryan


Comment from Rita Bryan:

An entire design on 1- 4 foot board. There will be 2 of them hinged together. I am worried, not gonna lie. nanstreasureshop etsyshop etsyseller struggle art challengeyourself

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Jade Blackmore


Comment from Jade Blackmore:

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Comment from Candice:

BEAUTIFUL, PEACEFUL, RELAXING SUNRISE! . Nothing better then sitting outside watching the sunrise. Something about the crisp air, bird chirping, and fresh air is so peaceful. . Happy Sunday❤️

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Leonie Dian Anggrasari


Comment from Leonie Dian Anggrasari:

Boyish in girly way, two sides of me . . makeover boyish girly mystyle challengeyourself partofme kidszamannow millenials 90s heelsvsflipflops beattheheat baseballhat cargopants daypack batik wastra

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Comment from CrossFitR8d:

So, everyone that had an ultimately awesome time this weekend at ClashInTheNorth please raise your hands - even if it has a weight in it... . . Judging by the pics EVERYONE from @crossfitr8d loved it! Thanks to @crossfitdb for hosting a great event - we had members only a few months into the crossfit sport competing this weekend and they just wanted MORE! . . crossfit crossfitfamily crossfitr8d crossfitdurbell communityofstrength fitfam challengeyourself livebetter livestronger begreatnow forgingelitehumans makingpeoplebetter . . 📷 : @haadia.davids

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ᴍɪʟᴀɴ ɴᴜʀɪᴀ ᴋᴀᴅɪᴄ


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ᴍɪʟᴀɴ ɴᴜʀɪᴀ ᴋᴀᴅɪᴄ:

Strength does not come physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. - Mahatma Ghandi

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CMIYC Garden Route - Roelien


Comment from CMIYC Garden Route - Roelien:

💕 discipline goals challengeyourself motivation hardworkpaysoff

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Jose Lopez Salmeron


Comment from Jose Lopez Salmeron:

Carretera secundaria..

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Comment from Karen:

On track to hit my goal of 100 miles in October 👣👣👣 fitbit goals 100milesinoctober myjourney weightlosstransformation instafit fattofit fitfam fitspo ontrack weightlossjourney healthylifestyle moveittoloseit challengeyourself exercise moveitandloseit

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Comment from Laëtitia:

HAPPY GIRLS 🌸👊 finisher en duo du Marathon des villages! sundayfunday marathon marathondesvillages happygirls bestteam pinkoctober nevernotrunning runstoppable challengeyourself thankyougirl moveyour🍑 happyrunningcrew capferret bordeaux

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Clarissa Gannon


Comment from Clarissa Gannon:

goodmorning happysunday What's on the schedule today my fitmoms ?? goals2017 gainzprogressmealpreprestdayfamilychoresweeklypreparationschallengeyourself onlinecoach elitefitforlife earnyourbody eatmoreplants

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sunset 24/7


Comment from sunset 24/7:

Make exercise and living healthier a habit for life fitnessgoalslovemusclesgainsseeresultspowerchallengeyourselftraininglifestylechangeshealthmotivationfitnessquotesgetfitgymgymownergymlifeinstahealthsuccessworkout @sunset_2_4_7forwinners

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Comment from summersbutterflyy:

Change is painful. Growth is painful but we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. If you plant yourself in one place without allowing your roots to grow, you are limiting yourself to be greater than you were before. growth begreat challengeyourself befearless standtall dontgiveup neverletthemseeyousweat sparkleyourwaythrough worklife personallife courage justdoit makeachange happysunday

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Comment from Hir0.:

Day22 - Zombie kid. ...or hipster or something. Just fast doodle. drawtober2017 drawtober sketch zombie kid blackwhite illustration horror monster challengeyourself pencildrawing dailyart instaart sketchdaily

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Let's Do Better Now


Comment from Let's Do Better Now:

🤗SURPRISE ADVENTURE🤗 About to be kidnapped by a Dancing flashmob???...🤔....👯👯🕺🕺🕺.... Definitely - Maybe - Possible 😂 . . . . letsdobetternow letsdobetternowchallenges surprise surprisedadventure outandabout weekendfun challenge challengeyourself vlog vloggers bloggers edgwareroad underground londonunderground whattodoinlondon todolist wonderlust ldbnchallenges adventure whattodoinlondon anticipation

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Comment from KIMBERLI MARIE💛🎗:

Day 6 is here!📅 I hope you spoonies 🥄 are enjoying the SpoonieYogaTribe challenge so far! Today we have another one of my favorites, viparitakarani or legsupthewall. I love using this pose when I have cramps or pain in my legs. Check out my other co-hosts for their variations. ⁉QOTD: WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE WHO HAS JUST FOUND OUT THEY ARE A SPOONIE⁉ 🔸Don't ever give up. You are strong, you are beautiful, and there is a wonderful community of spoonies by your side. Also, always remember to listen to your body. Inhale, exhale, breathe, and relax. It will be a bumpy road, that is for sure, but you will get over each bump, slowly but surely.🔸 Hosts: @sleepysantosha @theycallmegumby @weall_floaton @life.with.kimberli Sponsers: @matcha.now @shideawords @positivecreationss @baekiiara @sleepysantosha)

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Comment from michelletrafford:

On the pilatesreformer pilates challengeyourself nopainnogain challengeisgood fitnessmotivation feelgood fitnessfun veganfitness sundayvibes

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Comment from michelletrafford:

On the pilatesreformer pilates challengeyourself nopainnogain challengeisgood fitnessmotivation feelgood fitnessfun veganfitness sundayvibes

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Comment from T A S H A:

It's almost my birthday! 🎉 and this week is dedicated to new levels of inspiration and goal setting as I become another year younger! 😜This was meant to be an instagram story post hence the mouse ears 🐭 but I felt to share this one more publicly as I step out of my comfort zone and take on new passions. One of my passions is motivational speaking in hopes that some of my experiences in life can inspire many! I think it's so important for those who feel like there is more in life to continue to explore what that more could be and set goals to achieve their dreams. First thing will be to get out of your security and comfort zones and not allow fear to hinder you from experiencing a life in full! Cheers to all the dreamers out there! Dreams do come true! ✨🙏🏾✨🎉🥂🍾😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . fashion motivation style inspiration vlog dream outfit wardrobe qotd challengeyourself music songwriter artist creative birthday trend selfie instadaily film cinematography diary sydney australia life goals lifestyle blogger instagram videooftheday chaseyourdreams

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Mohamed Elkhateeb


Comment from Mohamed Elkhateeb:

An injury is not just a process of Recovery it's a process of Discovery 👌 ربنا يقدرني و اقدر اتعفي في اسرع وقت الحمد الله علي كل شئ و اكيد ربنا كاتب الخير ديما challengeyourselfnevergiveupfollowyourdreamsinjurywillnotstopmebebo💪💪

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Germán Fandiño Sierra


Comment from Germán Fandiño Sierra:

ChallengeYourself 🏋🏻💯focus “Todo el mundo tiene la habilidad para llevar a cabo proezas únicas. Todos. Tu lo eliges. Conviértete en alguien grande en otro tipo de vida. Olvídate de fallarle a muchos. ¿A quién le importa? No importa cuando comiences o cuando termines, simplemente empieza, sin evadirte, sin excusas” – Tom Platz. bogotafit fitlife gym tomplatz legday legsfordays menshealth mensfitness mensaesthetics mensphysique gym fitstagram fitness aesthetics aestheticmodel fitnessmodel fit thanksgod 💫☝️😇

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Comment from K E L S E Y B:

Someone took the plunge yesterday and I surprised her with a free sample💚 I still have ✨TWO✨ spots left in my 90-day weight loss challenge! 🙋Want in?🙋‍♂️ Screenshot this and send it back to me!! 👌💪 Are you finally ready for the crazy wrap thing??🙌🙌⠀ .⠀ crazywrapthing onlinechallenge 12weeks12wraps weightlosschallenge loseweight 90daychallenge babyweight weightlossdiary postpregnancyweight weddingprep summerbody bikiniready fitfam healthylifestyle gethealthy challengeyourself globalchallenge healthandwellness gymrats

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Comment from stefanie:

sending out a smile to you all- pass it on! 😊 black & white kindspindesign photochallenge challengeyourself day 5 out of 7 paint hand studio artsupplies blackandwhite westhartford connecticut photography photo weha smile passiton kind

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Comment from • LIA EMILY ROSE •:

I have never claimed myself to be a dancer... I still don't. However, sometimes letting go of all control whether it be your mind or body, is in my opinion the best form of release a human can do. doyou always . . . . . . . . . . . dancersofinsta danceislife polefitness flow freestyle progress challengeyourself poledancersofinstagram dancer grow fitness rhythm studio training abs glutes pole letgo live life focused stayfocused determined workhard routine dancestudio keepitoriginal keepityourway

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