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Comment from Summer Blumhoefer:

Friends that model together, stay together👯💋

29 Minutes ago

Look at yourself. I mean, really look at yourself. Who do you see? I bet you're pretty critical of yourself. I bet the first thing you see are your flaws. Take a step back for a second and look at yourself again, but this time how you look at others...and think about who you are & what you mean to other people. Who do you see now? And what would you say to her/him? This girl here? 👇 Before, I would have looked at her and told her ...You look beat. You need to do more. Everyone is staring at that pimple on your chin. You're hair is a mess...YOU are a mess. Now? I tell her she's strong. I tell her she's a hard worker. I tell her she's a good mom. I tell her she's resilient. I tell her she's beautiful. I tell her she is perfectly imperfect just as she should be. Drop a pic of YOU in the comments...any picture & tell me who you REALLY see. ♡

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Comment from Regina Ellison:

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Comment from A s h l e y:

"Here is the secret to being really good at something: You have to be okay with being really bad at it first." -Iain S. Thomas I sucked at lifting. Was intimidated by all things that wasn't a cardio machine because, like most females, I didn't want to get too 'bulky'. After, a shit ton of reading/research and saying fuck it, I decided to pick up some dumbbells and haven't looked back. Now, I've been coaching one of my best friends to do the same.

1 Hours ago

#FlashbackFriday Looking for 3 more ladies to join me in the LYB Project! Jan 30th prep week // home workouts // simple nutrition// superfoods // support ♡

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Comment from Nataliee💋:

Our big ideas filled empty bars. You might be from the moon or mars. Either way, I'm never going home.

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