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Ebony Richelle Page


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Being BOLD tonight with the lippy chosen for my clients 50th birthday in the city tonight. 👡 💄 @bammakeupstudio 💄Brooke Wragg Thank you Brooke for making me feel like a lady as always to perfection. I am lucky I did not crash taking sefies on the way home. Haha! Feeling so blessed and happy my clients call me their friends, inviting me out for events like this. Thank you 👟 #personaltrainer #jettsaustralia #jettsmandurah #makeup #BAM #confidence #contour #bikinimodel #lipstick #selfie #pout #girls #blonde #nofilter #kik #eyes #followme #instalike

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Dave Clare


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"If your employees aren't engaged, how can you expect your customers to be engaged?" a Clarism Seriously, disengaged employees don't make great brand ambassadors! Your employees are a reflection of your business. Engaged employees know why your business exists and why their role in it is important. This sets a whole different tone when dealing with customers wanting to buy from you! Are your employees engaged in your business? Prophet for Purpose Join the prophecy at

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Carli Frellick


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Day FO' happened last night before bed. I woke up to see my phone still open mid post 😂 Yesterday we focused on going through the flow (aka moves put together) and linking breath with movement. I am starting to see a difference in my flexibility and I definitely feel that a lot of built up tension in my muscles have released. Plus it's a great way to wrap up your evening 👌🏼 I'm stoked that week one of almost over & there is a March challenge group in the works. You give me 30 minutes a day & I'll give you a killer workout and I GUARANTEE results. 👏🏼 what have you got to lose? 👉🏼FB: Frellick Fitness

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Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk


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Who's awake? Europe, Asia,Australia ect much love! Remember we all start somewhere ... patience and work ... fast work and patience ... macro patience micro speed!

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀J A D A S E Z E R


So honoured to share my story & be an ambassador of @lorealmakeup @princestrust "All WORTH CAMPAIGN" turning Self Doubt into Self Worth. This is for everyone who never felt good enough. Be determined & be your own, biggest ambassador 🖤 Because we are all worth it Watch the personal stories of all the other ambassadors by clicking the link in my bio

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