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May you feel and be more empowered today than yesterday. May you feel and be increasingly more empowered every day going forward.💙💪🏻💫 ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▪️▶️Do you consider yourself an introvert? ▪️▶️Would you like to confidently play bigger while staying true to your authentic personality and quiet leadership style? If so, you can download my free guide for 6 sets of strategies & tips for Introvert Leadership. These are the exact tips and strategies I’ve used for years to avoid being under-estimated or passed over for key opportunities. I’ll show you how to: 1⃣Use simple powerful strategies so that your quiet influence becomes your strength. 2⃣Be recognized as the leader you are so that you're never under-estimated again. 3⃣Confidently play bigger so that you can stay true to your authentic leadership style. Click the link in my bio and enter your email on the next page to get your copy of the free guide. Here's a shortcut: ↙️ @Stefanie.finkelstein

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Curves. EyeCandy'ing

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respect trumps all 👯 keep plenty of that goodness for yourself and be generous in sharing it with others 🙋🏼attention is wonderful for a short period of time, but it disappears as quickly as it arrives. 👸🏻 you my dear, are worthy of the good stuff. #respecttrumpsall #moveovertrump #respect

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Approaching the one year mark of the best decision and lifestyle change I have ever made. My goal for the next 365 days is to focus more on myself and my needs as those are reflections of your overall happiness. I will make it a point to get back on track with my positivity and overall outlook on life. I am not going to lie, there's been a lot happening and times have been busy. I've been sidetracked and focusing too much of my energy in other areas rather then on myself. Looking forward to shifting the focus! Thank you to everyone for your continuous support. Remember, don't be fooled by your emptiness, there's so much more room for happiness #BellLetsTalk #focus #change #lifestyle #control #happiness #workout #listen #smile #doing #encouraging #hope #believe #confidence #trust #love #gratitude #encouraging #listening #yourenotalone

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Repost @chiarakayy with @ezrepostapp To know what a person has done, and to know who a person is, are very different things . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #amazing #women #happiness #travel #newyear #inspirational #goals #foodie #inspiration #luxury #foodblogger #girlboss #vacation #cocktails #smile #focus #confidence #focused #inspire #inspired #holidays #entrepreneur #motivated #fun #love #hope #joy #dreams #dreambig #fitmom

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HAPPY SATURDAY!!! 💕🎉 This momma is officially down another 3 pounds!!! That makes a total of 42 pounds down in one month!!!!! 😭😭 Tiff went from 195 at delivery (December 20th) to 153 right now!!! Her pre-pregnancy weight was that means shes 15 pounds down pre-weight before the baby! Wow!!! 😳🙌🏼 I'm so happy for her!!! 💁🏻 She obviously incorporated a healthy diet with our products but still can't work out for another 2 weeks (because of her c-section)!! If you are wondering what shes using here it is: •SHAKE in the morning •PROBIOTICS once a day • Greens twice a day • fat fighters after her heaviest meal • a box of wraps Her results are amazing and you too can get results like these!

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