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Wednesday, May 24 – Winnipeg – Park Theatre Friday, May 26th – Edmonton – The Needle Saturday, May 27th – Calgary – The Marquee Sunday, May 28th – Vancouver – The Rickshaw (Modified Ghost Festival) #comebackkid #cromags

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😍😍😍😍😍 Tickets secured. See ya there, jerks!

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The truth is maufucka ain't it #meatisforpussies Ha I know some people who are miserable as fuck because of the way they look and feel. Stop being a bitch and try something new that's actually healthy you might like it. Always lived life by "If something don't taste right spit it out!" Weather its toxic people or toxic food it works both ways. Tired of hearing people complain, if I can make change in my life so can you. Still getting my shit together, it takes time and patience but If you don't want too then shut the fuck up and leave me out of it because "I don't want to hear it" 👈that minor reference tho! Ha @johnjosephcromag Man speaks the truth but what else can you expect from a legend. #hardcore #punk #hardcorepunk #cromags #vegan Be chill to life that is most excellent! #vegansofig #nyhardcore #california #dereksaysbenicetoanimals Get his book #meatisforpussies!

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