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So I snapped this quick picture of my Directional Flow Carb Caps before I pack them up. These are a one size fits Most bangers design as long as you have one that fits your banger or larger. Meaning if you have a Baby Banger the one the size of a Dime, All of these work for it. But if you have a smaller cap then it will not fit the larger bangers. Hopefully that is understandable.. An XL Cap fits a Dime sized Baby Banger. The 4 and 5 mm thick ones I will not really have unless they happen naturally. I have a 5mm and they locally sold a bunch of 4 and 5 mm so they are practical for here but make the sales too hard having that size, customs whenever on these caps. But good chance some of these are not going to be around for much longer. Also in the picture is a broken Qcb XL and so I have a great way to test.... On that note if anyone ever complies a list of the banger sizes... Let me know, I share enough info that this thing I need should come back to me... Come on universe.... Then the Quartz makers can see what everyone else is using a use a different size or thickness just to make everything hard again.... It will be great. Anyway one more dab here, Cheers! From MK Ultra

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Strawberry shortcakes, movies, my handsome man and a little MaryJ makes for the perfect date night in with my love ❤️

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