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@Regrann from @jane_doe7x - How can anyone oppose veganism when this is the alternative? The fact that people even try to defend this astounds me. I guarantee that the large majority of non vegans would be upset if they saw a cow, a chicken, a pig etc being stabbed in the throat in front of them. Yet they pay someone else to do it behind closed doors on their behalf. Behind the slaughterhouse walls where every worker on the kill floor is desensitised to violence. Where they are all told on day one to view the animals as objects. People actually try to convince themselves that humane slaughterhouses exist. Facilities constructed for the sole purpose of murdering animals, draining their blood, slicing the skin from their bodies and hacking them to pieces. Every animal that is exploited, eaten, worn and experimented on feels just as we do. They feel emotionally and physically. Ask yourself honestly, do you really believe it's morally acceptable for animals to be exploited, tormented, beaten and violently killed for food and clothing we don't even need. Just because you like the taste of their flesh and secretions. Killing animals for pleasure and greed is morally wrong, whether you're a trophy hunter, a dog fighter, a bullfighter, a poacher or someone who eats/wears animal products. Paying to watch innocent dogs rip each other to shreds for pleasure, is just as bad as paying a worker to beat, electrocute, painfully gas, mutilate, stab in the throat, and hack apart the bodies of cows, chickens pigs etc. You're still paying for needless and horrifying acts of violence to be inflicted on innocent animals. If you believe it's wrong to hurt animals then you already believe in going vegan. Ask yourself are you ok with paying someone to be violent to animals? Any morally decent person will say no. The human race needs to go vegan. Reject violence. GO VEGAN πŸ’š EDUCATE OTHERS SUPPORT @torontopigsave @torontocowsave @torontochickensave @manchesterpigsave @cardiffanimalsave @nottinghamshireanimalsave #vegan #steak #beef #pork #bacon #meat #mcdonalds #burgerking #pizzahut #kfc #whyvegan #janedoe7x #feminist #cuteanimals #fur #jamieoliver #foodshare #meatloaf #chels

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