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I dont usually paint stuff like this but I wanted to surprise my Oma. Uesterday when we spoke on the phone she was reminiscing about having old doodles and sketch of my of cars that she had never seen before. LOL at first I thought yeah because they were bad but then I remembered when I was little I was a huge street racing fan and drifting fan. I would constantly watch fast and furious tokyo drift and play need for speed. When people say what their dream car is its usually a Lamborghini or a bugatti but mine is a mazda x7 and so I painted her a car picture as a gift to show my appreciation for her <3 #art #artist #artwork #instaart #instaartist #supportartist #realism #car #cars #mazdax7 #digitalpainting #photoshop #model #illustration

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Waiting till the time comes 🐼. Who joins me to the Panda team 🙌 It's lit i swear.  I was going to post this tomorrow so it's #typotuesday or #typographytuesday but im way too impatient 😅. I don't even know if I invented it or if a lot of people use that but it just came to my mind and sounded cool, so I'll be doing these illustrations more often.  Hope you like it and that you survive this Monday! 😘 ___________ "¿Cuándo se pondrán de moda los ojos panda (ojeras)?" 🐼 Esperando el día estoy. Alguien que se me una al grupo? 🙌  Iba a subirla mañana y así era el "martes de tipografía" (Typography Tuesday) aunque sinceramente, no se si me lo he inventado yo ni si lo hace mucha gente, pero me sonaba bien, así que subiré ilustracioncillas de estas más a menudo. Espero que hayáis sobrevivido el lunes! 😘 _____________________________ #illustration #digitalpainting #quote #cute #anime #character #characterdrawing #anime #pastelcolors #girl #pink #purple #portraitdrawins #portrait #fantasy

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