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Mahala Howard


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Today I accomplished... // I am starting a journal to record my daily accomplishments. 🎆 * As a brain injury survivor, I often have a difficult time with To-Do lists. Today, I was so overwhelmed by all the tasks swirling in my head, that I didn't even want to write them down. To me, seeing all my worries in front of me, seemed more overwhelming.😫 * The seemingly simple act of sorting through, and organizing just a handful of tasks and information, is truely not simple at all for brain injury survivors.🤕 * So instead of creating a list full of all these things I need to do, and having trouble knowing where to start, I have chosen to focus on my accomplishments and the pride I feel for completing even the smallest of tasks. 🤗 * Waking up on time, remembering to eat, taking medication, folding laundry, making a phone call, visiting a doctor, and etc. Those are all valid accomplishments. After your whole life is turned upside down, it's important to celebrate and recognize even the "little" things, because the little things, truely aren't so little anymore. 💜💙💚💞 #braininjury #braininjurysurvivor #braininjuryawareness #tbiawareness #tbicaregiver #tbi #headinjury #hopeafterheadinjury #collage #priorities #accomplishment #goals #journal #journaling #organization #organize #breathe #positivity #dysautonomia #spoonie #overwhelmed #relaxation #invisibledisability #invisibleillness #chronicillness #disability #servicedoghandler #inspiration #youtuber #write

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Little Legs Happy Feet


Hello Everyone! . In early 2015 we had embarked on this journey of awareness and fundraising through Tree of Hope for our boy Zachariah. We had set up this campaign (Link in bio) and were staggered by the speed and size of the incoming contributions. We realized how extremely fortunate we are to live within a hugely supportive community both here in Oman and back in the UK and being supported by friends all over the world really! . Since our first post, Zach’s Cerebral Palsy diagnosis was confirmed via MRI, he has continued to undergo regular therapy sessions, botox injections and takes daily oral medication to relax his muscles. . In June 2016 we went on to meet with the Neurology team at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital about the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) procedure and had received a YES for Zach to undergo that when he reaches a suitable age as well as placing him on a waiting list for it, being “penciled in” for Spring of 2017. . Well, we just got the news! Zach’s surgery has been confirmed for April 1st! This means that in less than a month, we will be on our way to the UK and Zachariah (who recently turned 5) will receive this life changing procedure. We hope and dream for Zach to live an inclusive and independent life as possible and we pray this surgery will make it happen. . I kindly ask you friends and loved ones to once again share Zach's fundraising page along with this update, though our current balance stands at a very impressive 30,000 GBP and slowly growing, we are no where near our target and we need to keep going to make sure Zach has access to this surgery when the time comes and intensive rehabilitation as well as good quality equipment post surgery. . Lots of love from our family. <3 . . #cerebralpalsyawareness #cpawareness #specialneeds #cerebralpalsy #spasticdiplegia #spasticity #sdr #selectivedorsalrhizotomy #disability #inclusion #oman #muscat #london #unitedkingdom #uk #littlelegshappyfeet #therapy #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #rehabilitation #neurology #الشلل_الدماغي

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Sharjah City for Humanitarian


الصورة لفريق جامعة زايد الذي حصد جائزة المركز الأول في مسابقة التطبيقات المساندة في دورتها الأولى عن تطبيق "سالم" الذي يسهم في رفع قدرات الذاكرة لدى الأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة. تابعونا لمعرفة الفائزين في الدورة الثانية من مسابقة التطبيقات المساندة #schs #sharjah #uae #disability

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I launched my book in December 2016 . A wonderful crowd came and I sold over 90 books that day. I have gone on to sell over 200 hard copy books through my website and as an Ebook through Amazon. It's great that people want to learn about MS in a light-hearted way. Proceeds from the sale of the book are going to the Wellington MS society #multiplesclerosis #wellington #newzealand #overcomingmultiplesclerosis #book #booklaunch #humour #mindfullness #wellbeing #positivity #disability #chronicillness #selfpublished

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Thank you to our amazing staff, volunteers, supporters and carers for 70 years of helping us focus on what's possible! ✨A strong history will lead to a strong future. #sylvanvale70 #disability #memories

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PLEASE REPOST ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND MAKE SURE TO TAG ME! • queer indigenous girl is a zine by and for queer, trans, 2-spirit, non-binary, disabled, neurodivergent, chronically ill black, indigenous, people of color. • QIG is now accepting submissions for issue 4 including art, poetry, photography, comics, short essays & fiction, etc. • QIG is a half-page zine; submissions should be 5.5x8.5, JPEG and no more than 2 pages per submission. Please include a short bio with pronouns and any social media links if wanted. • Submit to Deadline is Friday, March 10, 2017. • #zinesubmissions #callforsubmissions #zines #qtpoczines #poczines #queerzines #disability #neurodivergence #chronicillness #queerindigenousgirl

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