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Comment from Taylor LN:

#MotivationMonday ♿️ As a #quadriplegic living with a #spinalcordinjury I can tell you that there is no greater feeling than standing up. This machine gives me that joy back and I'm grateful for it everyday. Don't take your bodies for granted guys and remember if you woke up healthy today then you are more privileged than you may ever really appreciate 💜 #Taylorln #lokomat @neurochangers

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Comment from Health Conscious Yoga:

One day I went to the #beach during the holidays. My family and I had just arrived at this beautiful in #curacao. As I looked around, I saw this guy #practiceyoga on the beach! I was surprised to see him practicing #yoga on this beach that was so incredibly full of people. I decided to take a picture of him. Take a look at the far left side of the picture and you will see him in a side stretching #yogapose. Seeing him practice was a great reminder that yoga is for men too! There are less men who practice yoga in the U.S. but yoga is just as beneficial for men as it is for women! is yoga for men and women. Anyone can practice #onlineyoga on! Check it out now! #yogaformen #menofyoga #whatayogilookslike #yogaforhealth #yogaforeveryone #yogaforeverybody #health #onlinefitness #fitness #healthconscious #beachyoga #yogaonthebeach #yogainspiration #beachworkout #spoonieyoga #spoonie #disabled #chronicpain #chronicillness #chronicdisease #hivsupport #asthmasucks #arthritissucks

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Do you and your best friend do art together? ⠀ ⠀ Check the link in the bio to see what kind of art classes you two can do!

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Tecnologia Assistiva é todo recurso ou serviço pensado para ampliar as habilidades funcionais das pessoas com deficiência. Quando falamos de tecnologia assistiva normalmente pensamos naquela prótese super-biônica, mas nem toda tecnologia assistiva tem cara de ficção científica. Mesmo pequenas modificações como colheres curvas, cadeiras de rodas simples ou mesmo materiais em alto relevo são tecnologias assistivas. É claro que os avanços da eletrônica, mecatrônica e biotecnologia produzem muitos bons materiais e recursos muito úteis. Mas o principal aliado da tecnologia assistiva ainda é a criatividade! O segredo está em melhorar a qualidade de vida da PcD e não em montar o Homem de Ferro! #TecnologiaAssistiva #Inclusão #PessoaComDeficiência #PcD #Acessibilidade #AssistiveTechnology #Criatividade #EducaçãoInclusiva #InclusãoEscolar #DesenhoUniversal #Próteses #Disability #Disabled #Educação #Ensino Descrição da Imagem: No fundo há a foto se um cadeirante com um tom verde por cima. No centro está escrito em branco o texto "Tecnologia Assisitva" envolto numa moldura com um ícone de engrenagem em cima e outro de lápis em baixo.

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Comment from Soraya & Gabriel:

Tonight we are having a biscuit club. Ever the healthy mum I am allowing my son to try different biscuits and review them. He is currently on his 4th review, although his hands and face seem to have received most of the chocolate ones. After 8 reviews (4 were pretend) we have ranged from "it tasted awful. It tasted funny and delicious" to "this is my favourite biscuit in the world". Everyone loves a good biscuit 😂 Today I had a lovely me day, got Gabriel on the bus and then all about me for 8 hours....or so o had planned. Crossfit, pop into the city after for lunch with my best friend and Gabriel's Godmother and get myself a new tattoo that I had been saving for....but it didn't go like that entirely. Crossfit ✔️ City to see my bestie ✔️ Get tattoo with money I save ❌ Instead I decided to book another week at the Calvert Trust in the Lake District in the Easter Holidays for Gabriel and I to have another adventure holiday. That had to be the best holiday I went on with Gabriel and he really enjoyed it. So I was so excited today when I booked it again to surprise him until I told him and he said "no, I don't want to go" 😳😪 We have since spoken again and he does want to go, but to be honest he would be going if he liked it or not. Lol! Now for an evening of chill on our own 😍 #lazyday #meday #cerebralpalsyandme #cerebralpalsy #cerebralpalsyawareness #disabled #disabledmodel #specialneeds #biscuitclub

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