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Старший Директор FL💜💛💜


Через год Вы будете жалеть,что не начали сейчас🌟🌟🌟 С каждым месяцем нас все больше и больше...все больше людей начинают получать много денег...а кто то всё смотрит и говорит ...Это Не Моё...Как можно говорить, что быть богатым это не моё ...? FL - это сетевой маркетинг нового поколения, бизнесс без вложений ! по моему я все сказала 😂😂😂 ПО ВСЕМ ВОПРОСАМ ПИШИТЕ WhatsApp 89298673843! 😉 #Омск #сегодня #FL #мечтысбываются #жизньсетевика #жизньвкайф #счастье #радость #работавкайф #работаврадость #деньги #меняйсясомной #начнижить #осень #сейчас #диета #пп #спорт #здоровье #красота #вналичии #energy #diet #длятебя #фаберлик

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The most beautiful people you'll ever meet arent always the ones who are physically attractive. No, the most beautiful people are the ones who can never be figured out. The ones you could talk with for hours and still have a million things to ask... At the end of the day you will not remember the person with the most beautiful face but you will remember the person with the most beautiful heart & soul 💕💕💕 #mentalconnection #beautiful #connection #soul #life #love #peace #passion #inspiration #wisdom #bond #relationships #happiness #quote #communication #soulmate #people #power #connect #intimacy #compassion #energy #spiritual #truth

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Rafael Andrés V. Gajardo


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Your Zen Life


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[TEZ TALKS Q&A] Series 2 / Episode 17 💫 Hello!! You know what time if the week it is...excited to share that episode #17 of series 2 has just dropped, it's live on the site right now and ready for you to watch! **Link in our bio** 💥 @teresapalmer shares her advice on living your best, most authentic life. She discusses how to navigate and deal with confronting and challenging situations in life and why it's important to do so and finally, Tez shares her perspective on comparing yourself / your journey to others and why it's important to block out the noise ✨So much goodness in one episode! Thank you to each and every one of you for tuning in, we are so grateful for your support! Hop on over to to watch todays episode as well as catch up on any you may have missed! And please keep the feedback and comments coming, we love it! 🙏🏼

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Minimal Waster & Explorer 🇸🇬


Frozen (almost rotten, cheapest, always on sale) bananas 🍌 + soy milk = best banana ice cream / smoothie ever

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