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Comment from Richard Taylor:

Riddle me this? Its much dreaming going on we suffer from a disease of #Narcolepsy. After all the speeches and marches and parades, we still need results NOW! We fall asleep at any time not a holiday. Martin Luther Kings real plan was #ECONOMIC. I'm all for little white and black boys and girls holding hands, but we need so much more than that. I'm a tell you another thing I am not working against the most powerful man in the world Donald Trump who will be president in the coming days we need to bridge the gap and look for ways to make trump as pro-black as he could be on his continum level  of racial justice not the opposite. #Socialengineering #atitsbest #wakeup #MLK #TherealMLK #MarchonWashington #Jobs #Fundamentalrights #Entrepreneurship #EconomicEquality #Votersrights

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How much ❤'s can we get? 👊👊

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Comment from Tracy Riggs Salon:

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Comment from Brodie Nero:

Money doesn't buy happiness; money buys freedom and choices. It's what you do with that freedom and choices that makes you happy. Follow @brodienero 💎

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Never too late. If you have a burning desire in your stomach, believe me on this one but you will get your golden days. They will come and you will shine the way you want to.

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Comment from Staple Digital HQ:

Be fearless . Click on the link in the bio to start your online business . @staple_digital

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Comment from Marielys Avila:

Si no sabes algo, busca la manera de aprenderlo.. Pero por nada del mundo te detengas!

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Comment from James Pennant:

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Comment from Brock Morton:

It's a crazy world out there. Watch out for this man.

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Comment from Creator Lab:

Throwback to ep. 8 with @avinashplusworld - a reminder to focus on what you can own and control. Rented platforms (like this) have value but are you chasing vanity metrics (followers/likes) when your energy could be focused on what really matters to you? Listen to the full episode to hear his thoughts on owned vs rented platforms

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