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Pretty worth it


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There is never a perfect time for anything in life, sometimes you have to just take the plunge 😂😂😂

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The Study Room


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s.a Hijabi


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Talk about beating the odds! #livewithdistinction #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #businesswoman #ati #atipeople * * @Regrann from @tattle.tailzz - Paying homage to one of the greatest #womenofblackhistorymonth. Madam CJ Walker (1867-1919) defied discrimination for her sex and skin color to establish and run her own million dollar hair-care empire. She wasn't even the first black woman to become a self-made millionaire. She was the first woman, period. Can't you just see the confident sass in this picture of her? #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #history #madamcjwalker Via @women_ofhistory #Regrann

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John Kinyua


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Kid Harwood


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Keep at it and you will get the result you deserve 💪🏽

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Professional Trading Assistant


Buy on the #gbpusd confirmed. After breaking upside on our triangle formation - we also noticed multiple important ema crosses as well as multiple signals via the Ichimoku cloud. Hold for short term recommended. Before its here, its on our app. Try it for free (Link is in our bio) #forex #trading #innovation #financialfreedom #finance #app #iphone #android #startups #startup #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #mobile #grind #hustle #profit #markets #fintech #success #tech #technology #investing #invest #fx #makemoneyonline #ondemand #trades #investor

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GlobalAmbassador MillardNelson


This guy got it!!!! He got it! And there is nothing he could do about it. There's nothing I can do about the wealth I was born into. It's all over like air or food. All around me. This is a nature issue!!! Oh happy day!

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Alicia Lempert


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Are you looking for a way to make "extra" income? Join me in taking a look at my company, Rodan + Fields. Our business is "Life Changing Skincare". Skeptical? Well, let's take a look.... ⭐️FORBES Magazine just did their 3rd feature article on us and have said "Rodan + Fields is increasingly rising to become one of the most well respected skincare companies in the world." ⭐️DAVE RAMSEY called our business “the best” and also said "The worst thing you can do is get a 2nd job. The best thing you can do is start a home based business." ⭐️THE TODAY SHOW featured RF as a "Booming business opportunity" and called us "The Social Commerce Leaders". ⭐️ALLURE MAGAZINE did a 4 page article titled "The Truth Behind Rodan + Fields (And Its Takeover of Your Facebook Feed!)" ⭐️WOMEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE does an article called "Be the boss of you" and recognizes RF as "A great new way to work." Rodan + Fields has become the #1 Anti Age premium skin care brand in sales over every other company in the US. Including Clinique, Lauder and Lancôme. You can't buy our products any longer through the Departments stores, but only through independent distributors and there is NO saturation of distributors anywhere. Our goal? To be the #1 Anti Age brand globally! And why not? Our founders did it with Proactiv for acne! I could go on and on, in fact we had over 230 MILLION media impressions just last year a year and that's with ZERO advertising. We get more FREE press than our competitors combined. It's time to pay attention. If you are interested in hearing more CONTACT ME via in box message. #whynotyou #decidetodaywhatyourtomorrowlookslike #lifechangingskincare

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The Spirit of Enterprise NG


We had 2 awesome facilitators at our Aspiring Entrepreneurs Seminar #TSOE2011. @abilonge shared how she moved from employee to entrepreneur, further highlighting tips that participants could use to transition into entrepreneurship @femiawofala gave a practical review of #GuyKawasaki's #ArtOfTheStart and how participants could apply its principles to starting any venture they desired

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