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I just want to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you. You guys give me so much love and support I really appreciate it. You make me laugh, smile, blush and feel oh so awesome.😊 On a bad day I know I can come on to my page and see something that makes me feel better. I can't believe that so many of you love and appreciate what I do. I started off with 50 followers now I'm close to 50k and I cannot thank you enough. To all the lovely ladies I had to pleasure of getting to know.. THANK YOU for inspiring and encouring not just me but everyone woman out there by being who you are and expressing yourselves in such unique and oh so sexy ways.. Ways I really enjoy.. As all of you know 😈Lol To those who take the time to comment everyday THANK YOU. Your words and compliments make my day..a lot of you have been there from the beginning and the fact you are still here giving me as much love as from day one is simply amazing.. Your Queen is a lucky and appreciative lil lady...😊 #thankyou #iloveyou #loveyouguys #ilovemyfollowers #youguysrock #youguysarethebest #myfollowersrock #thankyousomuch #iappreciateyou #pantyhosegoddess #queen #pantyhosemodel #nylongirl #nylonqueen #pantyhosegirl #fetishgirl #fetishmodel #happygirl #happydance

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Stockings Model


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Trust comes before obedience.

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