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American girls and American guys We'll always stand up and salute We'll always recognize When we see Old Glory flying There's a lot of men dead So we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our head My daddy served in the army Where he lost his right eye but he flew a flag out in our yard Until the day that he died He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister and me To grow up and live happy In the land of the free Now this nation that I love has fallen under attack A mighty sucker punch came flyin' in from somewhere in the back Soon as we could see clearly Through our big black eye Man, we lit up your world Like the fourth of July Hey Uncle Sam, put your name at the top of his list And the Statue of Liberty started shakin' her fist And the eagle will fly man, it's gonna be hell When you hear mother freedom start ringin' her bell And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you Brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue - Toby Keith🇺🇸 - #country #salute #americanflag #redwhiteandblue #lights #american #lyrics #filter #quote

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Eye contact is more intense than words will ever be. 😏💪🏼 #gamestrong

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