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Happy Birthday My Little big Brother ! @yasin_ceyhan133 Ich liebe dich von meinem ganzen Herzen und ich werde dich immer lieben du könntest nichts tun das das verhindern könnte denn ich liebe dich für das was du bist und nicht für das was du tust 💙✨ Übrigens bist du das erste Baby das ich in meinem Armen hielt und das auf meiner Brust eingeschlafen ist. Ich war die glücklichste Schwester an diesem Tag 😳💖 danke das du da bist. Ich liebe dich, Öptüm ! #sister #Brother #Birthday #siblings #family #love #peace #baby #harmony #me #video #videos #snaps #funny #filters #snapchat

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Life can be full of disappointments. People can spread negativity everywhere. - However, if you want to succeed, if you want to dominate, if you want to live the life that other people only dream of, you must block out the negativity, and focus on everything that's good in your life. - Trust me, there is so much to be grateful for, you would literally be astounded if you really thought about it ✌😃😁💖

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ToDaY iS a GoOd DaY tO hAvE a GoOd DaY

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Look who hopped in for a ride! CT State Troopers secure prisoners in the front seat of their department vehicles since we don't have cages in our cruisers. This makes transport safe for the Trooper and the prisoner. So if you see people in the back seat of a State Police cruiser (like my friends here!) they're probably just getting a ride and not in trouble! Oh and I clearly need to work on my filter game since only one of us got the purple flowers 👮🏻‍♀️ #ctstatepolice #sro #platttech #crownvictoria #trooper #statetrooper #filters #gottastepmysnapchatgameup

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✰Ahmed, アーメド, 아메드, ахмед,♤


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