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Aditi Basrur


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Comment from Vix:

What's the use of feeling blue? Spoilers! Blue Diamond from Steven Universe! It's my first digital painting, so it's pretty rough but I want to do more. It took me like 10 hours total. You do NOT have permission to steal, re-upload/re-post this artwork under any circumstances. If you want to share it or whatever, I'll be putting it up on Tumblr and I'll link the post. Constructive critique is welcome and appreciated! ^u^ - - - - - - - #stevenuniverse #stevenuniverseart #stevenuniversefandom #stevenuniversediamonds #stevenuniversespoilers #stevenuniversefanart #stevenuniversebluediamond #stevenuniversebluediamondfanart #bluediamond #bluediamondfanart #bluediamondstevenuniverse #bluediamondstevenuniversefanart #su #subluediamond #digitalart #digitalpainting #firstdigitalpainting #bluediamondpainting #whatelsedoitag #vixsart

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Amanda Sabia


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Melania Marino


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Maryam Mh


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Comment from GracyπŸ‘‘:

#throwbackthursday Posting some of my #old paintings which I failed to share .. I hope even a little spark can motivate and inspire people to start a big move.. This was my very first digital painting which I done back in 2014. Before that I never used to paint anything with colors in digital/traditional way.. I started to draw when I was in grade 6 and that too for a fun competitions... I never realised my gift for arts and done that for fun throughout my school days. In 2014, with all possible challenges I decided to bring my best and this came out as a voice for my calling... then I tired to paint traditionally with all possible mediums to find out my signature 😊.. Im proud and thankful for everything happened so far in my lifeπŸ™ I'll continues to post some interesting stuff with my arts in near future.. thank u... By the way, this was completely drawn in #GIMP #FOSS and #Linux Mint #oldpainting #eye #eyepainting #enchantressgrace #digitalart #digitalpainting #firstdigitalpainting #opensourcesoftware #painting #art #throwback #digitalartist #inspiration #motivation #thursday #nofilter #picoftheday #photooftheday #instadaily #instagood #tbt #love #instagram #instamoment #life

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Frympomaa Buckman


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Trikusuma Nanda


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Jane Ng


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Joni Salang-oy


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Jenifer Annie Gicano


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Claire Suson Illustrations

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Lou Kneath-Gilbertson


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Mateusz Pohl


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Comment from Maelynn:

This is my first crack at a digital painting and I love the turn out. It’s inspired by true life as always. Sitting out on our front porch, sipping hot tea during spring rain is truly one of life’s delights. I wanted to capture that feeling in a painting. I’ve been feeling eager for the future and have begun prepping for conventions in 2017. So that means serious prints time! For more fun stuff check out my Tumblr (listed on my Instagram page) or Little Red Panda Comics on Happy Wednesday guys :) #sliceoflife #creativeprocess #lifesdelights #littleredpandacomics #firstdigitalpainting #rainydaysandtea #lovecreating #springshowers

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Anubhav Chauhan


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Yana Skarabahataya


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Jaqui Falkenheim


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My first sketch produced digitally for the last day of #30paintingsin30days. Not exactly a painting in the classic sense, I know. This weekend I am taking the fabulous Pattern Camp with @jessicaswift. I am really enjoying it though as you can see I have a long way to go πŸ˜€ I loved seeing all the work of the amazing artists in #30in30 and hope to remain in touch with many of you. I plan to finish the work in progress that I posted yesterday (the abstract wild flowers) and show you the final asap. Keep in touch! ❀️ #firstdigital #firstdigitaldrawing #firstdigitalpainting #leaf #sketch #sketching #digitalsketch #illustrator #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop

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