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It was about the Upper body work out this morning despite the fact that I pressed the snooze button and went right back to sleep. Luckily,the second alarm got the job done 👍🏾🙈😂. Look,I had to start setting up two or more alarms each 5 mins apart after my life got busier with school. This has been my saving grace for sure. I surely gotta do whatever it takes to succeed in every area of my life. It's not about perfection, it's about effort! So, in order to live your life successfully, you have to dream it,plan it, do it..Repeat!!

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I will never ever take for granted that I get to wake up to the pure joy of this little boy ever morning ❤ Every morning we wake up, eat our breakfast together, turn on Sam's favorite music and have a dance party 💃 As I watch Sam's little legs kick and hear his sweet giggles I know I am exactly where I am suppose to be. I am suppose to be building a business in between dance parties, book readings, and baby snuggles. And this is why I share this opportunity with other moms....because more Thursday mornings need to be filled with dance parties, baby giggles, and the tiny moments that fill our hearts 💕 #samuelalan #wfhm #sahm #momboss #mompreneur #fitmom #fitspo #fitspiration #fitness #fitmoms #workout #strong #strongmom #strongmoms #fitmomsofig #momswithmuscles #postpartum #postpartumjourney #postpartumweightloss #crunchymama #crunchymom #fitgirl #fitfam #healthymom #igfitmoms #newmom #boymom

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Alltså... man måste ju testa den nya funktionen på IG... hur gör man? Swipar vänster? Em #cardio med 30 min crosstrainer, 600 trappsteg på 👆🏼 maskinen(😖🐥) och sen lite kontroll om diamanten i naveln var kvar😉🤣😂... #mmsportschallenge taggen är snart proppad från mig🙈 f-låt #mmsports Hoppas ni får en fin kväll alla 💋💋💋

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This run definitely goes down in history as my SLOWEST 6 mile run EVER! But, my shins felt good enough to withstand the full 6 miles, nonstop. I took the run super conservatively as to not anger my shin splints, but hearing 9:58, 9:41, 9:23, 9:38, 9:44, and 9:26 audio cues were death to my ego. Sigh. Oh well, health is more important than fast paces right now. Marathon on the horizon and I WILL BE at that finish line. 💪🏼

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Fueling up at the new hip and trendy coffee shop! ⛽️☮&💟

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Yeah! Otro de mis ejercicios favoritos para tonificar y fortalecer piernas y 🍑👌 Como en toda actividad física, deben proteger sus articulaciones y espalda. Para mi, rodillas y parte baja de la espalda son áreas que debo cuidar con especial atención, ya que hace mucho tiempo me lesioné. Así que haciendo "peso muerto" uso pesas livianas o la barra sin discos, y flexiono un poco las rodillas. El truco para que este movimiento sea súper efectivo es contraer las nalguitas al subir 😂👀 En el próximo post les coloco el plan de acción! —————————— Yeah! This is one of my favorite moves to tone and strengthen legs and 🍑👌 Dead lifts are great, but you have to put special attention to your lower and back and knees (in my case, those areas are very delicate because I injured myself a long time ago!) Protect them by starting with light weights or just the bar (without adding weights) and bend your knees a little. One more tip... To really see the effects of dead lifts, you have to squeeeeeeze your cheeks on your way up 😂👀

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Vi har haft, en fantastisk dag. Først var vi i svømmehallen, med moster Lone. Derefter eftermiddags hyggede vi, med chailatte og en meget lille kage. 😳Da A kom hjem, gik han en lang tur med charmetrolden, og jeg fik overstået dagens træning, i form af en løbetur. 🙏🏼 hvad har i lavet idag @b.millekoero? ❤

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Everyone is searching for balance. I found it for about 2.8 seconds. 😂😂😂

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