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Otto Alberto Schnauzington


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Giorgio Tristano Arroni


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All About Rihanna👑


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¿Te gusta estar en lo Cool? - Hoy es un día ideal para hacerlo, en el programa radial @vidaglobal, por lo que estaremos llevandoles con @yoneidarodriguez junto al Periodista @ricardosantosglobal nuestro segmento #VidaCool . En el cual, podras disfrutar de las noticias de mayor relevancia en temas de #CINE #FARANDULA #EVENTOS y por supuesto de #CrecimientoIntegral Escuchanos hoy a las 7pm por Onda 105.1 fm ¡No te lo puesdes perder¡ #radio #VidaCool #venezuela #likeforlike #like4like #instagramers #islademargarita #love #instagood #cute #followforfollow #Regrann #Regrann #Regrann

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That is correct totals system is back in action, and A BET DELIVERED 💰💰💰

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Closed up

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Who is active ?❤

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Can't Be Unlarried, Sorry🌈


Ima do this because I'm bored :)) 1. Ellie, basic name yay 2. 15 3. Well 4. Virgo (like Niall and Liam yay 4 me) 5. England born and raised bitches 6. Brown 7. Green and brown , sometimes they're more green , sometimes more brown 8. Couldn't be more single 9. Family guy ?¿ 10. Idk like 5ft 4?? Quite short but not that short 11. Idk I'm not really but I'm not really fat (I hope lol) 12. Couldn't be more a virgin 13. End of the day :)):) 14. One direction 15. some girl 16. Year 10 (grade 9, I think ?) 17. I have none (self confidence is key guys 💛) 18. thank u for asking. PEOPLE WHO GIVE YOU DIRTY LOOKS WHEN U SMILE AT THEM I CANT and lizards fuck them 19. Larry 20. yes 21. 'Can I have McDonalds??' (The answer was no) 22. dance off with Harry 23. I have so many, but my main ones are - dark, lizards, highs, really big numbers (ik), being alone, being kidnapped, big/small places, large waters, drowning, really large things, most animals, and a lot more my life's gud 24. I love myself I'm great . 25. Where did u go 25??:( 26. ot5 27. *cracked* iPhone 6 28. Last April (nothing serious) 29. not that bad 30. Kinda because we hardly saw each other lmao 31. yes , ages ago because I wanted to see what the buzz was about and it's honestly not even good so I don't recommend it will waste ur time sis 32. I cut paper , that's it. (U should never cut pls ❤️❤️) 33. sleeping tbh 34. Yes 35. Doggo 36. Movie 37. Day I'm scared of the night 38. 3pm pls 39. Short *ish* 40. Yes lmao 41. No I'm like 2 42. I did but they sealed up I cri 43. Blue and Green 44. A screenshot of a petty convo 45. stranger danger, dm me if you so badly need it :)) 46. harryistoll 47. A Freddo 48. *see my whole Instagram page* ok but why did I write an essay for every question we'll never know

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