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Happy MLK Day ✊🏽This quote resonates with so many of us who are trying to take a leap of FAITH and follow our dreams! #keepthefaith

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"Sento la tua pelle scura, come il segreto che ti porti dentro.Sento la mia, sento la tua paura, sento la stanchezza, la fatica. Sento la gioia, la realizzazione, il sogno di una vita,sento una folla che grida il mio nome.☡" - Mostro 🌸 #sento #mostro #honirolabel #honiro #specchio #fotoallospecchio #instashot #secret #karma #bitch #ciaone #paura #mainagioia #ciaofenomeno #sogno #followyourdreams #dream #follow #rap #rapper #realizzazione #sognodiunavita #neroazzurro #photoofme #follia #photooftheday #likesforlikes #like4like #daje #buonasera

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➕With all the powerful quotes flying around today in honor of MLK I wanted to share something that's been on my heart all weekend as I was considering how to encourage my friends. ✖️It can be challenging with all the goal setting talk, new year resolutions, dream and faith quotes, to feel adequate or capable to live up to those expectations. With that, I do want to tell you one thing 👆🏼 'start somewhere'! 〰 It's not easy, it's not evident and it's not obvious to follow your dreams and walk by faith, to grow character or lose that extra belly fat, to create new habits or break free from toxic ones. All you can do and take personal responsibility for is starting and being willing! 🏴Just start somewhere...and see what happens!! @robertandstella

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Today we honor the great Martin Luther King, Jr. and remember that we must always follow our dreams! #MLKDay ⭐️🌈

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"10 years ago, I wanted to find an innovative way to give people back their time. My idea was to offer people the freedom and flexibility to rebalance their lives and yet deliver a service in a highly personalized way—like a friend who can parachute into any kind of complicated or crazy situation in your life and make it all go away. I created Balance InStyle Concierge Services to help take the chaos out of everyday living. Life is actually becoming unmanageable, the hours that we’re working are increasing, and the amount of complexity in our lives is only going up. And there’s cognitive load... The convenience of being able to send one email or make one phone call to cover a laundry list of tasks is priceless. Let's face it, adulting is hard! I created Balance InStyle so you can literally put your life on auto-pilot and let someone else can play air traffic controller. We're that someone." CEO Amanda O'Reilly. Today Balance InStyle Concierge Services turns 10 years old. So many milestones that we are proud of and so many lives impacted as a result of our services. Thank you for your trust in us. Happy Anniversary to us! #girlboss #entrepreneur #anniversary #10years #champagne #milestone #balanceinstyle #proud #liveschanged #outsource #empowerment #lessadulting #moreliving #conciergeservices #ottawa #hustle #timeflies #makingadifference #followyourdreams

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