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Here's a little fun fact: during WW2 not only was #chemotherapy used to kill opponents with mustard gas. And to "saving" our #Cancer patients; which significantly reduces their white blood cell counts and when that happens...their immune system is a 89% chance of a risk factor of these toxins in their system. Whether from stage 1 to stage 4; in some cases, yes, the surviving rate is a "prolong" life (like, what 10 years) & like what they did to my cousin, with two sessions, @mind_yours13 it aggressively, expedited her death - now let that shit sink in! #FUCKchemo #FUCKcancer #CancerIsABillionDollarIndustry 💸💸💸 #LegalizeCannabis #Cannabis #QuestionEverything #DoYourResearch #EducateYourself #FuckTheSystem #BigPharma #MartialLaw #NewWorldOrder #VibeWithMe #VibrateHIGHer spreading #GoodVibes your way 🌬💨 #Rebel #Revolt #Revolutionize ✊🏼 #Beauty #Rebellion #Beast • ɞєåȗṭʏ ɐup ɐ ƦẸBẸŁŁłØN ɓęąşţ • ✌🏼

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Comment from Cassie:

Lots of legal/biological family members wonder why I avoid them, these days. What they support, as evidenced through their various social media outlets, is completely antithetical to their purported beliefs... Then they wonder why the fuck I don't talk to them. I don't like no fuckin' hypocrites. And with that said, all of us are hypocrites in so, SO many ways. I know for a given that I am. But it is very, VERY telling when a relation who has influenced so much of who and what you have become is now a fascist who claims to support the rights of Indigenous peoples to defend the Earth Mother from corporate terrorism, yet defends their candidate of choice at every turn. I do not consider myself hypersensitive for not communicating with them; I consider it self-preservation. There is no negotiation. If that makes me a bitter, cold person in that respect, then so it does. I'd rather be a loner in search of soul family, than settle for those who no longer help you reach your goals, and beat your spirit into a pulp. Oh, and Donnie Drumpf? This quote's for you, too. "Make America great again," my ass.

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Democratic VS Republican 😑 when will you people realize, not only does your vote not count, they both want the same shit - think of it like the WWE/WWF, you know it's fake but it's great entertainment for you folks and at the end of the day, they're getting paid regardless who wins #QuestionEverything #DoYourResearch #EducateYourself #FuckTheSystem #BigPharma #FUCKcancer #MartialLaw #NewWorldOrder #NWO #MediaManipulation #MainstreamMedia #VibeWithMe #VibrateHIGHer spreading #GoodVibes your way 🌬💨Seek #HIGHerConsciousness #HigherAwakening #HigherFrequency #HigherPower #Enlightenment #Rebel #Revolt #Revolutionize ✊🏼 #Beauty #Rebellion #Beast • ɞєåȗṭʏ ɐup ɐ ƦẸBẸŁŁłØN ɓęąşţ • ✌🏼

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What kind of things do you see on a daily basis? What kind of things do you do? Are your days filled with murders and robberies? Or are they more filled with people holding doors open for each other? And seeing people singing in their cars? Kids running on the sidewalk in front of their mothers? People doing their every day jobs? Isn't the news supposed to be what's happening in our lives? How many murderers do you know? How many are on the news? WHY THE FUCK ARE WE ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN? Cmon people, speak up. What's really happening in your life? Tell us. Share it with the world. Let's prove that People Are Great. #PeopleAreGr8

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Many people both Haole and Hawaiian have said best not head to da West Side , don't go over there it's dangerous.... my reply ... but I am from da West side 😉 .... So while the North Shore was getting hammered by winds I headed off on my mish....yeah a few sketchy moments when I got out of my car in Waianae 😂.... got sussed, followed and nearly cornered by some local hood rats ... then followed by some of them in a car lol..... So I headed further West out to the Coast past Makaha to a spot called Waikomo's where there are a lot of Hawaiians living along the beach front; the authorities call them homeless, and the blue sign says they are trespassing on government land !?*..... yeah feels kinda heavy here too ....but Glen 'Baba' I'i welcomed me in like ohana / family and shared some freshly caught Ahi with me, while I was there he said 'don't call me homeless call me a squatter , squatting on my ancestral lands , looking after my āina like my kupuna did' , Wiakomo was a fishing village where hundreds once lived, either side of the bay are burial sites, one for people , one for animals, Baba's been there for a couple of years taking care of the place and making sure the other 'squatters' are doing the same..... last week the authorities tried to fine him for not having a licence for his fishing nets !?* go figure... meanwhile further down the beach tourists in their flash 4 x 4's drive across his sacred lands free to do what the like 😡 . Like anywhere you go show respect and respect will be given back >>> #fuckthesystem #fucktheshitstem #aotearoatohawaii #lifenotwork #livingthedream #aloha #aina #ohana #westside #ohahu #thegatheringplace #hawaii

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#Repost @anon_wolverine with @repostapp ・・・ #Reposting @anonymiss_heather with @instarepost_app -- President Donald Trump issued executive orders removing obstacles to the construction of two major oil and gas pipelines, which the Obama administration had reluctantly blocked after protests from environmentalists and Native Americans. The construction will be “subject to terms and conditions to be negotiated by us,” Trump said, citing as an example the need for pipe components to be built in the US. Other executive orders signed on Tuesday included expediting environmental reviews for critical infrastructure projects and streamlining the “extremely cumbersome” regulatory process for domestic manufacturing. “The regulatory process in this country has become a tangled-up mess,” Trump said. Keystone XL is a shortcut proposed for the existing system that carries oil and gas from Alberta’s shale fields in Canada to Steele City, Nebraska. The segment would have run through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Despite being initially in favor of the pipeline, the Obama administration rejected it in November 2015, citing its “overinflated role in [US] political discourse.” Obama likewise blocked the final stretch of the Dakota Access (DAPL) pipeline in December, after US military veterans joined Native Americans protesting the construction under Lake Oahe, the principal water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota. Most of the 1,172-mile-long pipeline from North Dakota’s Bakken shale fields to Illinois has already been completed. Both Trump and his nominee for Energy Secretary Rick Perry held shares in Energy Transfer Partners, the company building DAPL, but have since divested of them, according to their attorneys. Following media reports that Trump would revive the pipeline projects, shares of TransCanada, Energy Transfer Partners LP and Energy Transfer Equity LP went up 1.1 percent, 3.3 percent and 1.7 percent respectively, Bloomberg noted. #nodapl #northdakota #fuckthegovernment #fuckthesystem #anonymous #trump #keystone

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Comment from Olivia Wolfe Hardt:

GLYPHOSATE 🤢 ••• Excerpts from my upcoming book, "Mindful Goddess: A no-nonsense, tough-love, potty mouth guide for savvy women who want to harness their luminous beauty and manifest abundance in every aspect of life" ••• "So gluten = glue. And glue = bad, unless you’re doing a fucking arts and craft project. In a similar vein, get this—it’s not just the gluten—the actual wheat is poison, too. The protocol for wheat harvesting in the United States is to drench the wheat field with an herbicide called Roundup (Um, are you hearing this? ROUNDUP) several days before the harvesters work through the fields, as dead wheat plants are easier on the farm equipment and allow for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest. Roundup and other herbicides contain a deadly active ingredient to wheat and barley known as glyphosate. It has been used pre-harvest from as early as 1980, and has become a routine drying agent 7-10 days before harvest." ••• "Glyphosate inhibits enzymes produced by the gut, causes inflammation over months and years of exposure, and leads to consequences such as gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease— just to name a few." ••• "According to studies by Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, who has studied this area intensely, desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyphosate just before harvest was so popular by the 1990s that most of the non-organic wheat in the United States has become contaminated with it. You heard me, right? Most all non-organic wheat in the US has become contaminated with Roundup—with weed killer—(think: so even if you order gluten-free, unless it’s organic, you’re still fucked)." ••• "And so, through her research, one conclusion Dr. Seneff found was that when you expose wheat to a toxic chemical such as glyphosate, it releases more seeds, which results in a slightly greater yield (and surprise, surprise, greater yields = greater profits)." ••• ♻️Continued in Comments ♻️

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