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Brian Smith


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The Knight Family & Friends


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$1500 FOR SALE #2 in the star wars series, this is a @d.rockglassart an @delleneperalta Colab, this star trooper spray can stands 5.5 inches tall with a 10mm joint and a hole dick perc, also features blue-v throughout the peice, can't ship till Monday just fyi for anyone interested. No trades #glassforsale #glassofig #boroforsale #headyglassforsale #headyforsale #thousanddollarsmoke # #bluestardust #dallasdabber #heady #serum #tonic #headyart #haterade #crushedopal #diskperc #fumed #bubbleguts #transparent #carbcap #opaldose #terps #drockglass #d.rock #bluev #vandal

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Down in the Valley 🔥Smoke🔥


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Huge Giveaway At 10k!!


🚨AUCTION🚨 **PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE BIDDING** 💥Up next for auction is this freaking gorgeous "Fumed Wig-Wag Pendant No. 1" made by the homie @twistedmindglass!! 🔷Description: This really beautiful hollow disc pendy has a fully fumed .999 Silver & 24k Gold wig-wag and is backed with Black!! It's really thick glass and made to last!! Measures 2" tall and 2" wide!! It will work great for a carb-cap and covers all size bangers too!! This is the first of his wig-wag journey, so it's signed with a number 1 on it!! Made with positive vibes and motivation!! 🖎Signed/Dated/Numbered✍ 😲 Oh hell yes!! I absolutely love wig-wags and fume.. and this baby pops hard!! I really like it!! Especially since it's the very first piece he wagged out!! As a collector.. I for sure enjoy having the No. 1 of anything, lol!! It's comfortable pendy to wear!! Even if you don't wear pendants.. it will make a GREAT heady carb-cap!! You can't go wrong with this amazing piece of glass!! So don't sleep on the LOW START PRICE and NO RESERVE!! Highest bid at end wins!! You can potentially win it right at starting price or for a MAJOR steal under retail!! Thanks!! Good luck!! ⚠(ENDS 24hrs. AFTER FIRST BID IS PLACED in a going once, twice, sold, style finish. There is NO set time for length of final calls. Auction MAY exceed 24hrs depending on certain circumstances!!)⚠ 🔴Bidding starts at just $35 and goes in at least $5+ increments until auction ends! (NO RESERVE!!) 🔴B.I.N. is set at $100 shipped [w/ FREE gift].. otherwise it will be $7 (USA) $14 (CAN). 🔴Winner MUST pay at auction's end via Pay-Pal/Venmo/Google Wallet/Debit-Credit Card or next bidder gets it!! Actually have money IN your acct prior!! Delete Bids or Flake = Block!! No Exceptions!! 🙈 ⚠PLEASE DON'T BID UNLESS YOU INTEND TO WIN!!⚠ #pendantsofig #pendants_of_ig #pendant #pendyporn #glass #fumed #fumetech #bongbeauties #dabgirls #sustarmy #fumedglass #cannabiscommunity #cannabiscuties #cannabisculture #dabbers_unite #wakenbakedaily #sustarmy #oprahswookclub #oprahsbookclub #heady #headyart #bestofglass #dabbersdaily #dabbersunite #710 #420 #glasscommunity #stonercommunity #borocommunity #potheadcommunity

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Danny B Glass


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On auction one post back!

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Jewdabs (Sam)


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Work in progress mad hatter #2

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