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Selena looks so happy and this is all that matters to me!

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16/365 • 🌧

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ツ ↳Social Media Post.↴ ——————— Nothing like having some breakfast away from home. Really enjoyed my morning tea. What a great way to start of the day.

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my hair is messy

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-♡- today my exams started yess 🙄 Taylor better releases the idwlf mv soon bc I need it. I started reading a court of thorns and roses and tbh I really like it. I thought it wouldn't be such a good book but it is. ___ #sotd: red- Taylor Swift #qotd: wyr shop with Taylor or have a sleepover with her? #aotd: uhmmm sleepover ___ comment 🌟 or 'ts' to be tagged next #gaintrick #taylurking #gainpost #taylorswift

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"she's a rabbit hole. don't fall in." - harleen vs harley idk lol — cc: i forgot sorry ac: plotwistaudios — here'S my second shitty video edit bUt it wouLd mean the world if you commented down some dc characters for me to vid next bebs!! pls tag @margotrobbie my wife ??? ❤

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