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high, nice to meet you😋


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Cool factoids you can learn more about through the information and links provided by @happytokes ~💕 *•Personally, the #terpenes that work best for me are as follows•* 💙Linalool~ Floral w/a hint of spice aroma (stress relief) anti-anxiety, antidepressant, sedative, anti-inflammatory ***Asthamtics this is for you too*** 💜Myrcene~ Earthy w/a hint of fruity aroma(couch lock) anti-inflammatory***, pain relief, antibiotic, sedative. 💛Pinene~ Citrus aroma (anti-inflammation***) memory retention and alertness! 💚Limeonene~ Citrus aroma (elevated mood/stress relief) antidepressant, anti-anxiety, promotes weight loss, prevents and treats cancer & bronchitis***! There's so much more information available to us thanks to the Internet, please educate yourself on the things you love! You're only gonna get smarter😘 What is one thing you learned on the new blog!? Let's start a conversation 🤗 #tribe #sesh #girlsdabtoo #girlswhodab #710 #420 #cannabiscommunity #cannafam

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Alright kids so as promised here are the stages of a reversal. A reversal is when those swirly patterns are in the center of the piece and not just on the ends, like the booty of a rig or head of a spoon. Basic explanation of a reversal is anytime you change the Axis or spinning point of the glass. This makes your designs end up in a non traditional area of the finished piece. I have a picture a couple back showing a reversal... This one actually.. And a video of me designing and shaping it on my page. So.... Step 1.... Blow a Ball and let cool. Step 2.... Blow open a hole, classic style is dead center, off set is anywhere you want but harder to melt back down... Step 3..... Take off blow pipe, some use a punty method, I use my claw holder... Step 4.... Reposition the claw holder or punty so the hole spins on center when you spin the tool... Notice I am using a Graphite rod to hold the piece during this switching process. Step 5.... Add another blow pipe and then blow back into tube form and shape your piece. Now, your mission, if you choose to accept it.... Like, comment and share this damn post because this shit takes time and very few people would offer it up for free. Help me find new people , Instagramies. Cheers! from MK Ultra @BeansAndBeads

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