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Yup 🤣

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there sure are a lot of browns on this plate. but preworkout breakfast are protein waffles 🥜🥞 i love saturday mornings...especially when it's another high carb day and i can whip up some of these beauts. used @kodiakcakes crunchy peanut butter, added a mashed banana and egg whites. topped with syrup and powdered peanut it butter. and now we train 💪🏼 doing a mixture of upper body today 🤗

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Comment from Tessa Vosskühler:

Werk en rondje gym zitten er weer op. En toen brak een vrije middag aan helemaal voor me, myself and I en het voelt alsof ik dat in eeuwen niet gehad heb 😅Tijd voor een schrijfsessie. Enjoy your weekend😘

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💛💛 Fun Facts! 💛💛 1. I used to HATE matching my workout clothes 😂 now I'm all about it 😜 2. I'm finishing week 2 of #coredeforce and our health bet! From January 1st, I'm down 4 pounds (not that it's about weight) 👏 3. Saturday is my favorite day of the week 🤗 4. But I also hate doing power sculpt on Saturday's because alligator push ups are the worst 😡 Hey- what doesn't challenge you doesn't change you right?! Happy Saturday #fitfam 😘

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Comment from Denisa Vajrychová:

Tričko wonder Woman 💪 mi dneska dodalo takovou sílu (určitě to bylo tím 🤞) ze jsem na bench vytlacila krásných 50 kg a potom s lehkou dopomoci mé lásky @pepek94 55kg!!! Jupiiiajeeeeeej 😂💗💁

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Oh, hello shoulder/arm muscles! 💪🏻 Feeling amazing after that cardio session but I definitely need a nap now 😴 but first all of the Mexican food 🥙🌮🌯

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