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Comment from Bec Neil:

I'll be the first to admit the last 12 months my focus as been solely on myself. However I've been in WA for the last 3 months and that's all changed. Everyone meet my nephew! The absolute love of my life. Heremia, my little love bug. My heart is so full right now. This is why I better myself. To become a better influence. To become a better role model. #family #nephew #aunty #unconditionallove

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Comment from Hillary Nicholas:

Not quite sure what I'd do without this lady! I'm lucky to have a friend who is so supportive and has helped me through the stress and anxiety the last few weeks. I'm not sure I would have survived without her and her morning motivational texts. I also need to say how proud of her for getting a new job that she's worked so hard for. On to something bigger and better because she works so hard and deserves nothing less! 💕

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Comment from ☀️Morgan:

There's no better way to end the night than with ice cream 🍦especially when it's high protein @eatenlightened ice cream! This sea salt caramel flavor was super creamy and not overly sweet. The caramel swirl was just the right amount of caramel 👌🏼😍

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Comment from Rachel Davis:

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Comment from J E N N B O N E L L:

This is not something I was going to post. 🙈This is not something I expected to see. This is definitely not something that I ever thought I would be sharing when I started out doing this 8 short weeks ago. Has it only been 8 weeks?! . When my cousin started Beachbody 7 months ago, she asked me to join one of her challenge groups. I was in the lowest place emotionally that I had ever been. I had no energy, I ate terribly (one of the reasons I had no energy) and I literally just went through the motions every day to make it through. I pushed friends and family away who I feared wouldn't understand and shut down in almost all aspects of my life. I would like to say that I continued to be a good wife and mom, but admittedly I didn't. I finally decided after several doctor appointments, that I needed to make a change. A change to my lifestyle that would hopefully help with my anxiety/depression. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I made the decision to do this for myself. To love myself enough to make a total life change. 💜 . I dove right in as a Coach because I knew that I wanted to help other ladies out there who may have been feeling like me. You see, it's not all about the scale and the number you see there. It's about eating better, exercising daily, making friendships with other women who understand what you've been going through and keeping you accountable to keep keep moving forward and never look back. 💗 . It's so difficult for some people to understand how depression works and they would pity me if I told them I was feeling overwhelmed with life and still adjusting to life with 2 kids after almost 2 years! I am able to handle things so much better now because I'm doing something just for me. I workout every day, eat a balanced (80/20) diet and have made wonderful friends in this community that I talk to every day and probably always will. . Sure, this transformation is exciting, but I didn't set out on this journey for rock hard abs. I wanted to find #selflove again and get back to being the #funmom and #happywife that my family needed me to be. The abs are just a bonus! 😉 . Link for my next group is in my bio! 💕💕💕

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Comment from Amanda Day:

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3 years ago when I became a coach I had NO IDEA what was in store for me. . I wanted to help other women learn to LOVE their bodies. I wanted to inspire other women to MOVE and find their own STRENGTH through fitness. I wanted to help other women not feel so ALONE in their struggles with body image, eating disorders, and weight loss journeys. . How I was going to do it… I had no friggin’ clue. So I showed up daily, I shared my story. I opened myself up to the world EVEN though I was the world’s biggest introvert. . For me this is SOOO much more than a bag of shakes and a fitness program. This is about a platform I have created to help other women learn to love themselves. Yesterday I got to open up a totally FREE Self Love Challenge to anyone who wanted to join. I was blown away with the response. . My lifelong struggle has grown into my lifelong blessing. You’re welcome to join too. Sign up is in the comments below ⬇️

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Comment from Candice:

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Comment from Diana 💁🏻:

100x5; I'm gurreat at getting bad angles and editing videos... Did something weird to my shoulder last week which I think is one of few reasons today's bench was some 💩. . . . . Good news is, I am horrible at doing weight-math and racked up 105 instead of 100lbs for one set and managed to get 3 reps of that in. After that, sets of 100 and 95 were some dewdew. Also, I am in serious need for wrist wraps! #help #poop

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My only goal when you look at my page is to inspire you. To show you that the after photo is attainable. To show you that hard work does indeed pay off. I just want to be able to reach that mom who's lost in motherhood. That wife who's busy building a home. That girl who's just lost in this road in life and trying to find her way. That person who forgot their worth and feeling less than. This life is 100% yours for the taking. It won't change and you won't reap those results if you don't start. It's doesn't have to be pretty or perfect, just do it. In the living room, in your bedroom walking around the block...whatever it takes just do it!!! And yes this is the same EXACT shirt but oozing a lot more confidence. 👑

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