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Pearl Fontaine


Comment from Pearl Fontaine:

Out enjoying this crazy nice weather. Thanks to my boy for snapping this, even though my face is doing some weird snarly thing πŸ€”

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Comment from JenocideKitten:

It's sleepy time for this little one πŸ˜΄πŸ’œ I don't give a damn about you No, nothing can change my mind No way I'm happy just to let you walk away Don't think about you at night I'm happy to be alone It's ok But that was yesterday, and now I'm Driving in my car Words don't get me far When they don't mean shit! I'm calling you at 3 AM and I'm, I'm standing here right outside your door And I don't think that my heart can take much more I'm scared of cracking up again, I just Want it to be like it was before And I don't think that my heart can take more #jenocidekitten #lifeismusic #musicislife #musicwillsetyoufree #snapchatme #kikme #girlswholovedisney #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #littlespace #cgl #bdsm #bdsmlifestyle #catplayears #kittenplayears #kittengirl #ddlg #ddlglifestyle #littleone #littlegirl #cuddlytoys #stuffies #daddydominant #daddydom

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Comment from _crystalsoul_:

Do I really have to go back to real life tomorrow?! 😫πŸ˜₯ seriously wishing I could stay on the beach forever.

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Nevena BjelicπŸ’Ž


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Madera, Ca 🌴


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Bam BamπŸ’‹


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πŸŽ€ × k i t t y βˆ™ e l l e × πŸŽ€


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Jax Balfour


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Madera, Ca 🌴


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Becca Mawn


Comment from Becca Mawn:

Missed national love your pet day by a day but that's okay because I love my babies everyday of the year β€οΈπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ±πŸ±πŸΆ

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Charli Gower


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