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(Pic of me from 2013) When we change we grow out of our old shell, we cant fit back into a mold that is too small for our expanded aspect. We are all related to everything on Earth. #FORGIVE YOURSELF for the "mistakes," YOURSELF for hurting others, for hurting yourself. Look at you at all points in your life - when you were drunkest, or lowest, or highest and love who you were because it makes you who you are. Im passionate about #selflove because ive experienced the hell of hating myself, ive experienced the beautiful uncovering of my true spirit, my connection to nature. Be who you are meant to be. Take off all those old crusty layers of makeup and dried up tears and puke and whatever it is that youve built a wall up with. Break down the boxes youve been standing on and unlearn the misinformation. Say whats on your mind. Use your #VOICE. FREE YOUR SELF. FREE YOUR MIND FROM MENTAL SLAVERY. You are beautiful at every point in your life. Embrace yourself and be #HAPPY. I wish happiness and love for everyone!!!! It feels #GOOD!! And we need good feelings in this world of trumpmindedness. #LIVE. #SELFAWARENESS #fuckyourbeautystandards #BODYPOSITIVE #NOTANASTYWOMAN #powerful #energized #loving #positive #geniuses #meditate #create #donthate #grow #appreciate #leaves #herbs #givethanks

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FIND YOUR TRIBE ✌🏼 LOVE THEM HARD 👈🏼 Tag a member of YOUR tribe! 🙌🏽

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A gratidão é a memória do coração. #Givethanks! 👼🙋🙏

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East coast provided the last few days. Glad I had my 6'10. #givethanks frame grab🎥 @jeffrey.oneil 🍯🙌🏼

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Like this post if you've looked in the mirror and only saw flaws. ✋️ I remember when I was 225 lbs, I dealt with it every day. My mindset was AWFUL. Did you know that sometimes I still struggle with seeing "flaws"? 😱😫 It's easy to look at the wrinkles, the excess, the stretch marks, the little pudge on my belly.....pick pick pick...I literally have to stop myself and.... 1. Shut up. 🙊 2. Start naming off all the things I love about myself. ❤ 3. Give thanks to God and my support that have helped me achieve what I have. 🙏 4. Start praising others! 5. Read positive and uplifting material. I usually snap out of it really quick. 👌 Lol have you been there?? How did you battle it?

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