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Comment from Prg:

Still got this Gem 💎 Light Cobalt , Cream white through out the whole piece, with 2 incased opals on the mouth piece. 🚨 letting go with the QCB with cap. Hit the DM.

1 Hours ago

Comment from Prg:

Not going to front, rigs are definitely not an easy task. This is my first rig made by #PRG (With some attachment and shaping help from my brotha @brownboyglass ) 🙏🏽🔥 This little guy broke 3 times, but with the guidance I have nothing can't get tackled, and best thing I've learned is No ones born with talent, it all comes with practice. Thank you for looking IG🌵💎 #GlassArt #AZ #PRG #BBG

1 Hours ago

Comment from Ricky:

Full kiln. Makes me smile. Find what you want to do and do it hard. #glassblowharder

1 Hours ago

Comment from Goose Glass:

#365daysofpineapple Pineapple Pendant #20 Modern Black and White /365 . First of a new design. This pattern evaded me for years as black and white can be difficult to work together. Happy to say I have it figured out now, and I think this new design works really well with them! #dotstack . Please checkout #365daysofpineapple for more details about this year long project! . AUCTION RULES- -Auction ends 1/21/17 , 4pm MNT -Starting bid $5 -NO RESERVE -BIN 100, a bid of BIN will immediately suspend the auction pending payment. -Minimum $5 raises please -Buyer Pays shipping -Payment due within 24hours, or auction moves to next bidder (and you will be banished forever) -Do something nice for a stranger -10min snipe rule applies to all bids. Any bid made inside 10min to go will extend auction 10min or until another bid. . I'm truly honored that so many people enjoy and support my art🙏 #stayhigh IG , and #wearglass🖖

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Comment from Tom Law:

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Comment from Rigs 4 Us:

What do you guys think of this beauty? She hits like a beast!! Stop in to roll the dice, and get a chance to save up to 60% OFF this rig!

5 Hours ago

Comment from Suzewits Glass:

She made it!!! There almost where I want them gotta work on my terminations n a few more things and they'll be great! This one is sold thanks for looking!

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