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عــٰཻـ࿗ــراقـۣۛـۣۛـيᵎᵖ ﴾🇮🇶ٍ


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عــٰཻـ࿗ــراقـۣۛـۣۛـيᵎᵖ ﴾🇮🇶ٍ


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..It's all about seafood today!..

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💎Marco Proietti👊



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It's my first solo trip of 2017 and as I sit here alone for past 2.5 hours, I witness the slow ascent of the airport. . . It's different, I can assure you the airport at 2:10am vs the airport at 3:56am. . . At 1:10 am, a bottle of water and a book were my companion. . . At 2:20am, two rounds of the airport and a small stop at Starbucks had me contemplating whether I should burn a hole in my pocket on a coffee which may or may not work. . . Because here's the issue I have with coffee or any other drink that's supposed to "recharge//energise" you. I think that's a complete fad in my opinion. I feel it's the idea of coffee and the fact that we relate coffee to Dipika Padukone dancing energetically to a Nescafe ad that makes you feel refreshed and energised? Maybe coffee isn't even as tasty as we credit it ?? . . At 2: 40am, I had realised I was doomed as one addictive yawn after another left the reveries of my mouth. I laid down my head on my luggage closed my eyes and started counting backwards. As a kid, I was told that whenever your body starts defying your control start to count backwards and with each breathe that you exhale, slowly regain back your balance. Something like the capillary effect. At the count of 52, I knew I had to walk, eat//drink or I would totally fall asleep. . . At 3:10am, I sat across a stranger dressed in black. "Hi, I am Lei." . . Murakami once said, I remembered, "Even chance encounters are a result of karma." . . #hanixlei (1/3) #kcvisitsgujarat (1/12) . . P.s. Hello Baroda, what's good ? #vadodaradiaries #gujarat #gujarattourism #urban #vsco #vscoindia #vscouk #vscousa #vscorussia #writersofinstagram #writerecommunity #mobilephotography #mobilemag #shotonphone

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Irene Caccin


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My bae.♥

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