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Ann Sirenko


Comment from Ann Sirenko:

My new hobby - crystals!!! Thanks to @happysoultoronto for the Crystals workshop today and teaching about all the different beneficial energies that the different crystals have and can help with 💜

3 Hours ago

Bless the Herbs


Comment from Bless the Herbs:

⚡AUCTION 🔸 AUCTION⚡ ONE SELENITE WAND, ONE GREEN CALCITE ⭐️Starting Bid: $7⭐️ • 📬Shipping: $3 in the U.S. (DM for International) and I will combine on shipping for multiple wins!📬 • 💲Please bid in whole $1 increments!!💲 • 📌You MUST tag the person you outbid!!📌 • 🚫Absolutely NO retracting bids!!🚫 •⚡Prompt payment within [24] hours via [PayPal] after auction win is required!!⚡ • ⏳Bids end on Saturday 10/22 Sunday at 6pm MST ⏳ • Make sure that you go to the original Auction post below 👇👇to link to the other shop's pages and follow their auctions, too!! 😁 • 😘Thank you and happy bidding!😘 • auction Groupauction localbusiness localartist supportlocalartists forsale placebid comment paypal localartists supportlocalart blesstheherbs crystals gems stones selenite greencalcite

4 Hours ago

Raine Love


Comment from Raine Love:

What you focus on you create, so put your attention on thoughts that are beautiful, worthwhile and loving. It’s time to focus your intent and your passion on one thing, rather than being scattered in different directions. What you see around you is result of what you focus on. When you direct your thoughts toward good, you attract positive experiences and people into your life;but when you focus on what isn’t working, you create even more challenging situations. If you aren’t pleased with the direction of your life, concentrate on what you desire-not on what you don’t want. To develop inner power, gather your internal energy and focus intently on one thing. Being scattered in a myriad of directions dilutes your strength. Devote your attention to your career, relationships, hobbies or something your passionate about. Diminish activities that aren’t essential to this goal and it will be just a matter of time until miracles begin to occur. Your choice👁 Affirmation:”All of my thoughts are directed toward my highest good!” focussoulcoachingoracleswhatyoursoulwantsyoutoknowdeniselinncitrineonyxgreencalcitecrystals

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Comment from Jacklyn:

Goes shopping for furniture, comes back with crystals 🤷🏼‍♀️

5 Hours ago

Catherine Garner


Comment from Catherine Garner:

So tonight marks the end of an era for me and the work that I have done at Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort for the past six years and seven months. I will take some really great and very funny memories with me over the time that I have worked there and appreciate the friendships that I have made along the way. Big thanks to Susan for her kindness and thoughtfulness in my absolutely beautiful Crystal Gifts to help me on my new venture 💗💗 feelingabitemotional endofanera ontothenextchapter byebyepeople bowoodhotel thelastshift movingontonewthings crystalsbath crystals nepheritejade greencalcite moretimeforme

7 Hours ago

☆Crystals & Crafts☆


Comment from ☆Crystals & Crafts☆:

New Calcite Stones added to the shop! . . . . calcite crystallove bluecalcite greencalcite orangecalcite meditation raiseourvibration openyourmind loveandlight crystalporn witchythings healingstones crystalhealing

8 Hours ago

Caroline Vee


Comment from Caroline Vee:

Mini Crystal Health Grid crystalgrid healing crystals gemstones naturesenergy healingenergy healthgrid amethyst selenite quartz greencalcite theangelzsecret

19 Hours ago

Cindy Weber


Comment from Cindy Weber:

New items added to my etsy shop. greenman buddha buddhism snakes greencalcite rhodochrosite chrysoprase featherridgeplumeagate plumeagate lapidary rockhound handmadejewelry solderedjewelry jackangeline rollinballz popuprockshop metalwork crystalnecklace

1 Days ago

Earths Elements


Comment from Earths Elements:

Magnificent Lime Green Calcite geode💚💫🌟🌱 greencalcite calcite geode healing crystalhealing earthselements heartchakra meditation mineralkingdom sandiego encinitas socal

1 Days ago

The Good Witch


Comment from The Good Witch:

Creation station 💫 adding some finishing touches with lemon essential oil and charged citrine. The liquid and gem stones were both charged under the harvest full moon. Each bottle comes with its own personal piece of citrine or green calcite. Your energy will attract the piece that best suits your needs. I’ve been splashing it around my home and body and I have noticed an instant improvement in mood, mind and body in not only myself but everyone I encounter. Aura cleanser, vibe raiser, and prosperity magnet. Let me make you your very own. 💚 link in bio 🌟

1 Days ago

Let It Bead


Comment from Let It Bead:

Need some positivity in your life? Green calcite is great for bringing joy and positivity into your life.😊 letitbead letitbeadlebanon greencalcite green calcite joy positivity positivevibes positive healinggemstones shoplocal shopsmall smallbusiness lebanon lebanonoregon oregon pretty beautiful

1 Days ago

Erathan Emptor


Comment from Erathan Emptor:

Green calcite healing this afternoon. www.erathanemptor.com calcite greencalcite healingcrystals minerals rocks erathanemptor

1 Days ago



Comment from Crystalgarden:

Another set of greens including this large piece of green layered agate, a green chunk of lucky calcite(acid-treated) , and a raw green calcite. DM me if interested, every order comes with a free gift, thank you😆 $15.00 shipping included in USA. We ship worldwide🌍 GREEN CALCITE 🍀🍀A mental healer and powerful stimulator for the immune system, especially useful in grids. This stone absorbs negativity and rids the body of bacterial infections. Green agate heal matters of the heart gently layer by layer, balances emotions, bringing deep inner creative energy. healingcrystals Metaphysical greencalcite greenagate shop crystalmagic greenmedicine heartchakra chakra onlineshopping vegano vegan detox vegetarian garden

1 Days ago

Adorn The Hunter


Comment from Adorn The Hunter:

New Good Vibes Crystal Sets by Luna Prosperity have been added to the shop! www.AdorntheHunter.com Worldwide Shipping healingcrystals crystals rosequartz quartz citrine greencalcite moonstone

1 Days ago



Comment from HumansAreVariables:

Green Calcite (sold out, more being made!) It's been said for thousands of years that green calcite can assist in dissolving old rigid belief systems, restoring balance to your mind. It aids any transition from a stagnant to a positive environment. gemstones gems greencalcite copper hemp esoteric sacredgeometry spiritual healing conciousness

1 Days ago

a m y • p a c k e t t


Comment from a m y • p a c k e t t:

Finally planning my Libra New Moon spell for tonight to plant some much needed seeds of intent when it comes to a lot of things in my life right now. Always feeling my Moon's changes, and this cusp New Moon has been a rough one; can't wait to blossom into Scorpio season. 🦂🌑 Also, highly recommend green calcite for nightmares, it's done me WONDERS! Message me for a quick and easy nightmare-banishing spell if you need it! ✨

1 Days ago

Narisara (yoga, yin yoga)


Comment from Narisara (yoga, yin yoga):

My kitty sleeping in a crystal healing circle. Energy to create a feeling of safety, calm the mind, receive peaceful energy, strengthen potential. crystalhealing crystals kittysofinstagram kitty cats_of_instagram cat catsofinstagram rosequartz amythest greencalcite orangecalcite citrine

1 Days ago

Lisa Cardoza


Comment from Lisa Cardoza:

New Moon 🌙 intentions on this Diwali. I guess it's no surprise I can whip up an altar in a few minutes. With some guidance from @money.witch and her amazing class, the $$$ altars I had in mind are that much closer to fruition. The much needed rain started as soon as I pulled this together. If that's not an amazing sign I don't know what is !?! Happy New Moon 🌙🌙🌙❤️🌙🌙🌙 - - - - - newmoon sf altar sacredspace altar witchystuff greencalcite citrine greencandle

1 Days ago

Champagne Aura


Comment from Champagne Aura:

Fresh & zesty, our Mojito candle will give you an instant hit! We've paired it with Green Calcite which radiates soothing & calming energies, it also removes stagnant energy in the home so light it up! perth perthisok perthcreatives perthhype flowers love pretty happy mood instadaily instagood boheme cute photooftheday igdaily boho gypsy glitter crystals iphoneonly champagneaura mojito lime mint greencalcite

2 Days ago



Comment from Crystalgarden:

Got the last green juicy calcite chunk available in the shop ready for a new home, before I go restock more☻ keeping green calcite in the garden makes plants glow with good energy🐦🍀🌱 PayPal only! $9 shipping included in USA only! Ready to ship🌞 Ship worldwide🌏 beautifulevening healingcrystals greencalcite decor crystalgarden crystalmagic abundance wealth health metaphysical detox greencalcite highqualiy minerals

2 Days ago

The Good Witch


Comment from The Good Witch:

Charm Potion no 9 -Charged with the harvest Full moon on 10.5.17 along with 5 gemstones and happy essential oils for maximum Auric shine transforming you into a prosperity magnet. Limited supply. Stones we charged with Citrine- resonating with the solar plexus bringing an energy of self confidence and abundance. Angel Aura- a crystal that aligns each and every chakra and purifies the auric field. Rose quartz- resonates with the heart chakra. The stone of love. 💖 Black tourmaline- cleanses, purifies and transforms. Powerful protecting stone that absorbs and repels negative energy. Green calcite- provides healing to the etheric and emotional body while also attracting prosperity. Must this over your body, home or car for instant high vibes. ✨ the oils used in this blend- lemon, bergamot and 98 MHz Juniper 🍋🍊🌿Link in bio ⬆️

2 Days ago



Comment from Devon:

🌎💪🏼❤️ greencalcite yogacrystals yoga plank strong balance cleanse healing westamwell skyseedenergy

2 Days ago

Ash The Alchemist <Nebula>


Comment from Ash The Alchemist <Nebula>:

@xlxxshx wears our jewels so well💕 📸 by: @amartn tribecalledvibe handmadejewelry rings accessories hawaii bluelaceagate unakite greencalcite malachite photography yemaya aguanile model editorial

2 Days ago

The Good Witch


Comment from The Good Witch:

Potion no 9 was charged under the harvest full moon along with angel aura, citrine, and green calcite. (To name a few) this particular concoction is designed to not only cleanse the aura but shine it bright like a diamond. 💎 Powerful angel aura balances each and every chakra. Green calcite relates to the heart chakra. It provides healing to the etheric and emotional body while also attracting prosperity and abundance. Citrine resonates with he solar plexus. It brings an energy of self confidence and abundance. The essential oils used are bright, happy, and healing. Can you guess what they are? These will be in limited supply until the next batch under the next full moon so, stay tuned. 🌝

3 Days ago

Dine in with Daniella, LLC


Comment from Dine in with Daniella, LLC:

Shoutout to @_amb.r and @shopthirdplanet for these amazing matching green calcite earrings for me and the wife @lokeeswag ❤️ prosperitylovesuccessgreencalciteshopthirdplanetchefdaniellashoplatinxbizshopsmall

3 Days ago

Queen Isadora's Shop


Comment from Queen Isadora's Shop:

***BIDS WILL CONTINUE HERE*** - 💫24 HOUR AUCTION💫 This item includes: chakra set (quartz/amethyst/blue lace agate/green calcite/citrine/hematite quartz/obsidian arrowhead) @baby.hamster has the high bid of: $10 Shipping: $3.50 Shipping US, international rates vary. Please bid in $1 increments and REPLY TO the  person you outbid! No retracting bids. Auction ends TONIGHT at 9pm CST. Winner MUST pay within 24 hours of auction closing and must be able to check out via PayPal or etsy listing. I am happy to combine shipping on multiple items as long as the weight isn't too much. 😊 . 💫 chakras crystalsforsale rainbow cleansing colortherapy obsidian obsidianarrowhead bluelaceagate hematitequartz citrine quartz amethyst amethystcluster greencalcite 420blazeit minerals pride lgbtcrystals auctions latenightdeals magick hippieshit geode pagan halloween limiteddeals pride2017 lgbt

3 Days ago

Missy's Minerals & More 💎⛏


Comment from Missy's Minerals & More 💎⛏:

This amazing Green Apache Calcite Specimen is looking for a new home! This beauty comes from Chihuahua, Mexico and has been dipped in an acid wash to preserve color and prevent breakage. It can now be yours! Go check out my Etsy shop if interested or send me a dm.💚 Calcite is a protecting, purifying, grounding and centering stone, and can help bring inner peace. Green calcites help overcome addictions, heal joints, bones, kidney, bladder, the endocrine system, and relieve pain. Green calcite also helps with manifestation, abundance, and intuition. 💚 crystals healingcrystals

3 Days ago

Cindy Weber


Comment from Cindy Weber:

Green calcite and sugar skull with malachite in the works. dayofthedead sugarskull skulljewelry malachite calcite greencalcite crystals rockhound solderedjewelry handmadejewelry metalwork copper brass jackangeline rollinballz popuprockshop etsy healingcrystals healingstones crystalnecklace crystalsofig

3 Days ago

Jesse Smith


Comment from Jesse Smith:

Day 18, Mamlambo. mamlambo zulumythology cryptozoology monster inktober penandink handmadepaper greencalcite

3 Days ago

just a witness 😉


Comment from just a witness 😉:

Work arsenal. greencalcite blueaura tanzine foursigmatic funguys nuootropics shrooms lionsmane chaga buddha bliss agame

4 Days ago

Root and Sky by Ellen Ercolini


Comment from Root and Sky by Ellen Ercolini:

🍃ABUNDANCE 🍃 . This blend contains essences of ~ 🌱 Green Calcite which provides an extremely stable energy, great for manifesting prosperity and success. 🌱Amazonite to bolster your confidence and help you communicate your truth with balance and integrity. 🌱 Nephrite Jade, which enhances creativity and abundance. 🌱Blue Apatite to help you not get caught in the weeds and provide a high perspective on situations. 🌱Olive Jade which attracts prosperity and wealth. 🌕 Created with intention under the harvest full moon 💚

4 Days ago

Ahimsa Vibe


Comment from Ahimsa Vibe:

Calcite comes in so many different shades 😍 •••• nofilter greencalcite manifestation

4 Days ago

Breanna Elise Delannoy


Comment from Breanna Elise Delannoy:

50g bag of Green Calcite! Perfect for jewelry designers and metal wrappers! crystals crystallove crystalshop crystalsofig calcite greencalcite crystalsforsale crystalhealing jewelrydesigner jewelrydesigners jewelrysupply wrapjewelry magic magick ritual healer lightmagic lightworker healing healingvibes healingvibrations witchcraft witchesofinstagram witch witches witchvibes postivevibes meditation ritualmagic

4 Days ago