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Apricot Helix Orange Tahoe - Day 36. Man, anyone else think this should have more frost for 5 weeks 🤷‍♂️. This plant was being grown closer to and off to the side of the lights... I could be getting some solar stress which could have stunted trichome production. The leaves are dying from the bottom up. The stems on this plant has the coloring of peach skin! I swear the leaf angles have been as high as can possibly be in this #earthbox Jr. 👌 passing the test so far although it might be calling to be filled 1 1/2 times a day. I pulled off the cover and found it drier underneath than I would have guessed. Sprayed from top with some LABS / TM7 mixture? Moved the Earthbox directly under lights - will keep em there for a week. Harvested the Super Silver Hashplant out of this bed but gonna let the Orange Fruity Pebbles and Cherry Wonka chill another week. Neither will do much - I just don't really have room in the drying cabinet nor do I want to have to trim that much weed at once😅. I know, I know wah 😭😭. #apricothelixorangetahoe #obsoul33t #sip #probioticfarmersalliance #subirrigatedplanter #loyaltothesoil #soiloffortune #nolimitsoildiers #growyourownhealTHCare #nolimitsoil #growyourownmedicine #notillgardening #organic #bedsonwheels #nobottlednutes #mmj #livingorganicsoil #notillcannabis #cannabiscommunity #organiccannabis #cyclopticslighting #greenbeamgrown #cmh

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King Kush. Standard indica nuggets 😃

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