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Well this photo just made my heart pitter patter. So jealous of these #harrypotter shoes right now, and so excited they are having so much fun. {listed in shop}

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‼️Here is my fanfic's new chapter‼️. After the graduation, Sirius and Scarlett started live together. Sirius wants to marry immediately but Scarlett doesn't want, she thinks they are too young for marriage. Sirius respects her decision. Scarlett studies dark arts and defense against the dark arts, she tries to write a book about them. Sirius doesn't work for now. Already their families are one of the richest wizarding families, they don't need to work actually but Scarlett wants to be DADA professor at Hogwarts in the future. By the way Sirius joins Order Of The Phoneix with other marauders and some friends. But Scarlett doesn't join. She doesn't join Death Eaters neither. But she agrees the idea of keeping muggles out of the wizarding world. And her Slytherin friends want her to join them.Sirius sometimes worries about her but doesn't say anything. Two year later she writes her book and publishes it. Death Eaters are interested it a lot and show it to Voldemort. He likes it and wants to see Scarlett. Some of her friends tell her that. She gets scared but at the same time she gets excited because Dark Lord likes her book about dark arts. She decides to meet him but doesn't say that to Sirius. At night Sirius goes Order's meeting and after him, she meets with Lucius and goes to Voldemort. mrs.severussnape❤️ #snape #severussnape #harrypotter #halfbloodprince #potterhead #slytherin #gryffindor #deatheater #lilyevans #snily #snarry #fandom #follow #followforfollow #like #remuslupin #werewolf #hermionegranger #ronweasley #hogwarts #albusdumbledore #minervamcgonagall #gilderoylockhart #fanfic #scarlettrose #siriusblack #fanfiction

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I am super grateful to my princess hayley for taming my ridiculously scruffy mop and making me somewhat more acceptable looking, my hair is so soft, I feel like a silky chinchilla oml. also please excuse my pyjamas, I am a fan of being comfortable at all times. 🐙 #mopchop #gryffindor

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