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@taimado_japan is a #headahop in #japan and they followed me and double-taps my pictures regularly. I was looking st their feed and saw this and it just made me smile "smoke weed every day." Like, we could be meet and all he would have to do is pull out a sack of weed and I would be like "smoke weed every day, brah." I can almost hear the guy saying in a heavy Asian accent “I smoke weed every day." instantly we would become friends. @coralreefer420 talks about #worldreefers and I just got done watching something on her YouTube channel and she said #worldreefers and then I saw a like from this shop and wala. So this is another quest in the #weedstagram #mmorpg and that is to #smoke with this guy and go wherever he goes and eat whatever he eats for munchies. Yeah, I am weird and I admit I am a nerd 🤓 but that just means I get excited about shit. Like meeting and having a cool 😎 conversation with @calvinandglobz or @sticky_fingers_meds or @dankstercigars and then talking a out it on #instagram as if they were my friends because that's where being a #stoner tops the #nerd because #stoners consider those they smoke with friends and those they give #marijuana too as being fam. Now that Glass I got from @mindblowing_glass has to go to 🇯🇵 Japan to 🚬 😅😂😉

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