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just another fucked up teen :(


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Cute Pinay Faces


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Featured Model: @paupauporteza Please follow us for more pictures of pretty pinays! cutepinayfaces 😘😘 girl girls instagood fun smile me heart cute picoftheday beautiful photooftheday pretty follow followme hair pinay asian sexy hot cool model asiangirls igers instagramers style love sweet

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Karl Christopher Szostok


Comment from Karl Christopher Szostok:

As I recently discovered, ass pics shamelessly get you extra likes and "friends" but this is where it's at people. Can't buy it, can't fake it, it's hard work and not always fun. But it's real! "When you like a flower you pick it, when you love a flower you water it EVERY DAY". real love minion uncle future blooming heart work life flower proverbs quotes fake smile legacy helpothers myguardian human cuteaf

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Carlos Munoz


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I know it's Monday but hang in there ______________________________ bodybuilding gym fitspo powerlifting fit fitness life lifestyle fitfam weightloss health workout training lift lifting weights aesthetic aesthetics fitnessmotivation gymmotivation eatclean weighttraining instafit instagood heart mondaymotivation monday

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Puisi Sajak Kata (PUSAKA)


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Bagamanakah dia? Bercerminlah! . . . . puisi prosa sajak geguritan syair tulisan sastra pujangga sastraindonesia teralis terapinulis poetry poem quote love heart indonesia nusantara kata penyair pagi senja malam cinta coretan pena semesta sunyi syahdu

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Comment from Elena:

Will I ever post a inktober on time? JUICY inktober2017 inktoberbbaa inktober24 inktoberjuicy art artist paint painting draw drawing sketch sketchbook sketching watercolor girl heart

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dryden groat


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Poet. • • having writers block is so much fun... • • please credit reposts🙏🏻 untwineme untwineusa poetry poem poetsofinstagram poetsofig poetryisnotdead instapoet poetrycommunity typewriterpoetry darkpoetry prose prosepoetry wordsmith thinkingoutloud typewriter writing writerscommunity writersofinstagram writersofig writingcommunity spilledink wordporn instaquote painter words heart love translator

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Victoria Mendoza


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By Travis Bedel travisbedel art arte corazon heart

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Bahman Moradian Pey


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Cardiovascular diseases are the world's no.1 cause of death. Are you taking care of your heart? ❤️ Raised blood pressure is a leading cause of attack & stroke. Check your blood pressure! BeatNCDs WorldHeartDay heartattack heartdisease Repost @hypertensionstudy ・・・ Repost @who ・・・

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Comment from CAT:

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Aija Thompson


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The Franklin Family


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We Are The Pioneers🌹📸🎥


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COMMIT. | write writer writersofinstagram writingcommunity writing poetry poet poem words word grace forgive forgiveness grace unconditional heart love lover romance romantic marriage couples couple communication selfless wedding wife husband relationships

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⠀Tam 🏹


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I made american-style pancakes 🥞🔪 • pancakes americanstyle nutella delicious foodie junkfood heart photography photographer thyhuntressphotography foodphotography foodphoto foodporn gothsnacks goth gothgoth

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Marina Yap


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By Marina Yap it feels cold against my skin- my chest is empty I brought this blight upon myself no one else is to blame yet I still hope to be saved. Is that so selfish? . . . poem poetic writing creativewriting poetry prose instapoetry writingcommunity poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram iamspear honestlyworded poet wordswithqueens wordswithkings romance love living metaphor heart author writer pulseofthewildheart inspiration emotion feelings mind guilt guilty hurt

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Vintage N Icons


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Hustle 🔥Luxury Lifestyle 🐆


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Comment from 👱🏻‍♀️こまつれな:

2017.10.24 ❁ ___souvenir___ . . . ❋──❁ɢ∞פ ʍօ®ɴɪɴɢ❃──❋ . 台 風 す ぎ て い い お 天 気 ☀️🌈 . . . こ れ ね 、 ち ょ っ と 前 に も ら っ た 横浜土産 🎁❤️ . ❁ⓣⓗⓐⓝⓚ ⓨⓞⓤ❁ . 有 名 な 赤い靴の女の子 👠*° . い ち ご 味 美 味 し か っ た ~ め っ ち ゃ 好 き な や つ 🤤💕🍓 . 好 き な 色 が 赤 や か ら パ ッ ケ ー ジ の 時 点 で 好 き ☺️💗🍪 . . 仕 事 落 ち 着 い た ら 横浜 め っ ち ゃ 行 こ ~ 🐶🌼 . 近 く お る 人 そ ん と き 遊 ぼ 😆🙌❤️🌈 . . . ❁ お土産 クッキー いちご味 パッケージ可愛い 可愛いし美味しい 最高ってこと ありがとう 横浜行きたい お金使えんのってストレス souvenir cookies strawberry goodsweets cute thankyou red girl love instagood heart ❤️

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Comment from FitnessNewbie:

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Fantasy Salon Y Spa


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Manicure + Pedrería en pastel + francesa 💝🌸💅🏼 . . . . . manicure manicurafrancesa francesa cuidadopersonal love heart pedreria art nailart beautyblogger blogger fashionbloggerstyle cute girls cutegirls salonbeauty happy belleza promociones

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Hustle 🔥Luxury Lifestyle 🐆


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Samuele Zara


Comment from Samuele Zara:

Old libraries are like old sunken pirate ships, full of treasures and priceless marvels... scotland lovescotland book books oldbooks peterpan neverland story stories pirates treasure treasures standrews scottish literature love soul heart mind body picoftheday

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Nancy Morales


Comment from Nancy Morales:

Possessed Marionette for Drawtober2017 Day 23 :/ this one spooks me out... . . drawing sketchbook art creepyart darkart marionnette originalcharacter skull demonribcage heart magic blackandwhite sketch doodle puppet possessed marionettepuppet artistsoninstagram artstudent sharpieart sharpie psychoknife haunt haunted spirit ghost halloween spooky

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The Toolery


Comment from The Toolery:

i have what i have and i am happy• . i've lost what i've lost and i am still happy• . . . . foto by @cesaredelvecchio . thetoolery thetoolerygirl berlin frankfurt malaga love xxx mushi heart inked hearttattoo stillhappy

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Ashley Gort


Comment from Ashley Gort:

I love you Olive dachshund weinerdog dog biggirl long longdog favorite pretty cute cutiepie mine sweet unconditional heart ottoman green plants wood buddha namaste peace home life simple justbe

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Gabi Bir


Comment from Gabi Bir:

I just wanna fill my home with good vibes and happy times 🕯 • • • • witchcraft jarspell witch spell spells heart heartjar pagan spiritual jar energy spirits outofthebroomcloset cute witchaesthetic candle candles spiritualism occult mystic happyhome goodvibes witchy ritual jars goth gothic sweet

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#1 Bobby Portis Fan Page


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Dr Danielle Arabena


Comment from Dr Danielle Arabena:

Have you ever stood on the edge of your ‘big’ work and went it’s too fucking hard. It’s too big. Can’t I be happy just cruising along- do I really have to put myself out there? This is me this week. I have now an outline of my Birth Alchemy course. It’s big, beautiful, sacred and totally unique, loving and inclusive of both mothers and fathers. Can I do it? Do I have the capacity? Why stretch myself I am pretty comfortable with all I have going on now. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Am I prepared for the ‘big’ work? Well let’s look at what I already know. I have done big things before - 3 bachelor degrees, roll of a cliff two weeks before I complete my medical degree- still finish. Sit my consultancy exams under trying conditions, reclaim myself as a healer, outing myself to doctors in person during presentations and in medical publication/magazines saying how I can travel into people bodies ( and notably I didn’t get burnt at the stake ‘this time’ ). So the evidence for want of a better word is there I have been able to do the hard work including study and research. When I review my bookshelf from over 20 years ago the evidence was always there spiritual midwifery fell off the bookshelf in a shop one day as I walked by, journals I have written in from around that time was around pre conception and pregnancy workshops combining the healing and allopathic medicine before I was a doctor. The weavings have been there, the threads are now coming together creating what will be born to help heal the divine feminine, the divine masculine and families. I trust, I am open and in flow. I speak to the little me that is overwhelmed, I speak with my souls authority. This offering already exists and I am willing to bring it through. What about you ? Can you acknowledge your soul purpose? It’s pretty fucking scary hey hahaha but what an adventure. Know you are supported and I hold you all in light as we move into our ‘big’ work. We can create an intentional community when we dream even bigger ❤️🌙 ( mike drop!) Big love to everyone who reads this xxxxxx soulpurpose dreambig youcandoit witch

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Comment from Jen:

"blessings in disguise" - just thought about how they broke into our agency 2 years ago. I remember listening to that song in the agency on that sunday before I left to a shooting with an actor. I decided to leave my bag there with my laptop cause actually I wanted to come back later to get it. we shootet and went to a restaurant and bar and it was late. I devided to go home and wait till the next morning to get my stuff from the agency. it was the first time I left everything there and actually I wasn't able to be without my laptop. the next morning I discovered that somebody had broken in. It was a shock and I felt so betrayed of life (I always trusted in good energy and we hadn't had completed the insurance at that time cause we were still figuring out what we would need and I really had build everything up with a lot of heart and soul energy). now...2 years later I can say that I think it was one of the best things that happened im my life. it really woke me up. I learned that everything can go in a second, that I am not my job or my agency and that some people just wanted me to do my job properly without having great empathy with my situation. so, dear universe, thanks for that betray...it was and is the biggest blessing in disguise!! also thank you for the people who taught me that lesson. we are all mirrors to each other. searching for the light. 😍 loveyouuniverse blessingindisguise wakeup backtoemotions wearenotmachines youalwaysfigureoutlaterwhy grateful betray music shine yearsandyears universe heart soul change

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Chastyn Manale


Comment from Chastyn Manale:

❤️ heart anatomy sketch sketchy sopunny art procrastination

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